50 Kenyans Making Kenya Proud in Europe


As we celebrate 50 years of indepence, I’d like to celebrate 50+1 amazing Kenyans in Continental Europe. Plus a bonus of 15 Kenyans who visited and left a mark.


Academicians and Authors

  1. Mercy Ojoyi – Environmental conservationist
  2. Ken Mubea – Remote sensing doctorate
  3. Pacifica F. Achieng’ Ogola – first African to receive a doctorate in Iceland
  4. Prof. Dr. Peter Tirop Simatei – a Kenyan professor passionate about the Diaspora
  5. Titus Pacho – Passionate about Education in Africa
  6. Caroline Kawira Njeru – Environmentalist, nutritionist and author
  7. Caroline Adhiambo – Author and blogger


  1. Ivy Otieno – Award winning Kenyan Sprinter
  2. Maria Brunlehner – Best Swimmer in Brandenburg


  1. Muthoni Schneidewind – social entrepreneur, selling Kenyan coffee in Germany
  2. Caroline Mühlenbrock – Chef extra ordinaire
  3. Annicera Njoroge – runs an African restaurant and biergarten
  4. Alice Nzioka – cosmetologist and nail professional.
  5. Winnie Ojanga – fashion designer
  6. Hellen Wambui Nintemann – runs a catering company that serves African food.
  7. Lucy Oyubo Osterwalder – runs a language school
  8. Faiza Hoffmann – the brains behind the Afrika Afrika musical.
  9. Natasha Karanja Kinzel – able to open a shop albeit being denied based on her race.
  10. Halima Triebel – runs the Baobab Social Business gGmbh

Social Workers

  1. Wangari Greiner – helping women integrate in the German society
  2. Evelyn Brenda – helping girls escape FGM and housing women who are abused by their husbands
  3. Betty Ngari – fighting for the rights of asylum seekers in Germany
  4. Catherine Flohr – fighting for the right of foreigners to access medical assistance despite their migration status
  5. Maureen Schubert – helping people who’ve never been to Kenya, experience African culture in Germany

Event Organisers

  1. Mickie Ojijo – named one of the most influential africans in Germany 2013
  2. Anna Mpenzi and Mapapa Salim Jr. – have been organising major Kenyan parties across the country
  3. Usiku wa Mkenya – they have brought some of the best comedians and performing artists from Kenya

Performing Artists

  1. Gladys Mwachiti – award winning Kenyan musician in Germany
  2. Claudia Piller Okoth – an artist, musician and mother
  3. David Hermlin – a young and upcoming Kenyan German musician
  4. Lazarus Gitu Mwangi – the snake man, he dazzled Dieter Böhlen and all the fans at Das Supertalent 2013
  5. Mercy Dorcas Otieno – the first African to ever join the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar
  6. Ashley Toto aka Ashley Baby – Kenyan actress trying to expand the swahili movie industry in Europe
  7. Josphat Charo Nyiro – broadcaster
  8. Chrispin Mwakideu – radio dramatist extraordinaire

Inspirational Stories

  1. Phillip Oprong’ – Came from living on the streets of Nairobi and now works as a teacher in Hamburg
  2. Damaris Mwangi – Kenyan student in Schleswig-Holstein
  3. Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz – after battling for years with alcoholism
  4. Dorcas Wanjohi – Kenyan geriatric nurse in Germany
  5. Fatima Yusuf – Kenyan Student who graduated top of her class
  6. Grace Kaloki – Kenyan Azubi in Stuttgart
  7. Sydney Odhiambo – Founder of OKSH e.V and student
  8. Peninah Muiru – FSJerin
  9. Joseph Kiprono – FSJer
  10. Stephen Thagwo Boro – FSJer
  11. Doris Alushula – FSJerin in Moers
  12. Ann Ndung’u – Student in the Deutsche Welle program in Bonn
  13. Ian Innocent Ogutu – Kenyan Student in Heidelberg
  14. Marion Kuhl – Kenyan who went through it all and came out much stronger
  15. Idyll – Kenyan asylum seeker who shared his life on Mkenya
  16. Stephanie – the 15 year old Kenyan German Blogger

Left a Mark after their Visit

  1. Wilson Kipsang – broke the world marathon in Berlin
  2. Rebecca Lolosoli – built the first women village
  3. Auma Obama – head of Sauti Kuu
  4. Juliana Rotich – won the Impact Award at the DLD Women Conference
  5. Binyavanga Wainaina – was at the Media Conference in Hamburg
  6. Nancy Mwai – was at the African Fashion Week in Berlin
  7. Samuel the Taxi Driver from Nairobi – an article was written about him saying Germans were racist. Someone decided to bring him to Germany for a visit. It took a year but Samuel eventually came.
  8. Eric Omondi – had an event in Stuttgart, left people in stitches.
  9. Doreen Nabwire – Kenyan footballer, was here to encourage young girls to play Football and she got signed by FC Köln
  10. Soiya Gecaga – was the key speaker at Trafo
  11. Peter Kibuiya – a Kenyan teacher who was here on an exchange program
  12. Charles and Rebecca Muli – a former millionaire who has dedicated his life to helping the less fortunate
  13. Nuru – born with no ears, he underwent surgery and was able to go back to school
  14. Alfred Kering – broke the record in Köln
  15. Fatuma Zarika – Kenyan boxer
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