Meet Caroline Kawira Njeru – Nutritionist, Environmentalist, Author

“Life is a Journey with many expectations and surprises just at about every corner we turn, every road we take,but we cannot stop going, the goal is to get to our Destiny”
― Caroline Kawira Njeru

Caroline Kawira Njeru was born in Ruguta near Chuka in Kenya where she grew to love literature and poetry by the fireplace at their home while her mother cooked and told stories. She attended Ruguta primary school for her early education and later transferred to Kathituni boarding primary school near Chuka-Meru, then joined Maryhill High school – Thika
She’s a published author, having written the book “Coming Home”. A book on short stories and poems touching on social, political and environmental issues.
You have been driven away,
so far away that you lost direction.
But the little and fragile spirit in thee
is strong and willing to move on.
The way is not clear and smooth,
but you have some fighting within you.
You may not know it now,
but someday you will arise.
A poem from the book “Mountain Top “was performed by Meru Teachers College students and won at the national level during this year’s National Music Festivals. The poem will be produced into an educational film in cooperation with Save Our Pride an initiative aimed at conserving lions in Kenya.
When she’s not writing Caroline is a nutritionist and an active member of ANAMED (Action for Natural Medicine) which promotes the use of natural medicine and nutrition as a remedy to better health.
Caroline currently resides in Reutlingen in Germany with her family having relocated in 2003.
Let me share one of her poems I found: Let me dance….



Let me dance now
for this might be
the last chance we have together.
You promised to sing with me all my life
to walk the road at all times.
You promised to run with me,
but as we walked last to the bus stop
treading our heavy feet on the stony ground
pushing forward with trodden hearts
the bodies so heavy we panted for breath,
uttering no words to each other,

I felt how so difficult it was to part,

to let go and say goodbye.
We were both so afraid to speak,
so full of fear of promises,
let me dance with you now.
I remember the glued hug,
clutching to each other´s bodies

so desparate that we both hurt.

The tears flowed at last,
then the wailing we couldn´t hold back.

Everyone just watched,

but we did not notice them.

The honking of the old bus
brought us back to earth
away from our safe haven,
a hidding place we had found
but for just a few moments.
I saw the small of your back as you got on the bus.
I saw your tiny hand waving me back,
but soon the bus disappeared around the bend,
and you were torn from me.
But I feel the move of our last dance together.
I hear your silent whimpers on my shoulders.

I read your promises to run with me-

in the hot tears that poured on my neck.
I feel your worries, your questions.
A rumbling sound sits in the pit of me,
the empytness soo deep it tears me apart.
No food good enough to fill it up,
no amounts of water fresh enough to take its place.
My arms ache for your feel,
my feet will run to you,
to dance with you again,
to any song and drum beat,
Just to be with you.
Let me dance with you—
before I faint and be blown away.
Let me dance with you again.
– Carol Njeru
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