Phillip Oprong from living on the streets in Nairobi to teaching in Germany


If you have been here long enough and watch interactive German tv, you might have heard about him or seen him in some of the talk shows.

Born in 1979, Phillip Oprong was born in Kenya but never got to meet his parents. He lived with his cousin and aunt who tortured him. At only 9yrs old, the aunt took him to Nairobi and asked him to wait for her at a corner and she never returned. There began his street urchin days, living on the street struggling to take care of himself.

He tried to commit suicide severally but that never worked. One day he met up with tourists who took him to a children’s home. At the home he was able to go back to school and improve his grades. When he was 20 he met a german couple that took him in and adopted him and from there they say the rest is history.

Termed as the coolest teacher at his school, he now lives in Hamburg, Germany and works as an English, Philosophy and Sports teacher. He’s married to Sarah and they have a beautiful daughter. He uses his past to encourage his students to become better and work hard with what they have.
He’s written a memoir which you can find on Amazon, here.
To learn more about him, here is an interview he had with Frankfurter Rundschau and another with RTL here. (Also linked below)

Have a great week people. I hope this encourages you. Nothing is impossible. The only thing you can’t do is what you have told yourself you can’t.

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