New German TV Show Featuring Four Kenyan Men

Anni Friesinger Real Cool Runnings
Are these models or the actual men who’ll be learning how to skate? Cause these guys look like they’ve already perfected their balance on those shoes.

I’m afraid of this show even before it starts. A few years ago, I’d be excited because the show is on VOX, but since VOX started competing with RTL on “How can ridicule Africans more”, My respect for the channel dropped. So this new show has my heart in my pocket wondering what they will show and how they will portray the innocent men. We don’t have too many Kenyan men in Germany (current ratio at 6:1) so importing men from Kenya to ridicule is a bit over the top in my estimation.

Anyhu, the show named “Real Cool Runnings” starts January 14th and will air every Tuesday from 8:15 pm (20:15Uhr) on VOX. The show is copied from the 90s movie, “Cool Runnings”. The original movie had been made in honour of the first Jamaican bobsled team trying to make it to the winter Olympics. (KTN used to love showing this movie, kwanza Sunday afte 😉 good times)

The show will feature the German-Polish speed skating world champion, Anni Friesinger-Postma, who will in ten weeks teach four Kenyan men how to speed skate in preparation for a 100-Km marathon race to take place in Austria. Anni plans to teach the men about the true life of a speed skater and about life in Bayern, the culture, food and weather. The four men who will be coming directly from Kenya are world renowned marathon runners. The men will have to live with host families in the excruciating cold and be filmed every second of the day, as they get used to life in a small village,  Inzell. They will be training at the Max-Aicher-Arena where they are assured of the BEST training facilities.

“I love speed skating. I would like to fascinate people with this sport and bring them closer to it. I also love new challenges.  I’m excited to work with the Kenyans. I’m curious about how the young men go about their training, how the live their lives and also how they perceive and find our way of living”, Anni Friesinger-Postma said about the chance to be the mentor and trainer in the new show, “Real Cool Runnings”.

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