2013 Articles in Review



Most Read:

  1. BERLIN: A Kenyan’s Dream Come True Turns Into a Nightmare
  2. Body of a Kenyan Woman found Decomposing in her Home in Köln
  3. Is this Kenyans’ New Reputation in Germany 
  4. Eric Omondi Terms His Experience with Fans in Germany as Shocking
  5. Kenyan Woman Speaks After Attack By Her Kenyan Boyfriend in NRW
  6. Kenyan Woman Stabbed to Death in Köln by Tanzanian (Ex)Boyfriend 
  7. Have you Seen this Kenyan Lady in Germany? 
  8. Kenyan Family Seeks Government Support in Rescuing their Daughter living in Sweden
  9. Update on Jennifer Kamuaro
  10. Kenyan Passes Away in Mannheim


  1. Investing in Your Social Capital
  2. Turning your Passion to Profit
  3. Image is not Wealth – Financial Illiteracy is the Root to Most of your Money Problems
  4. Is it Time Kenya Embraces Entrepreneurship? – Real Talk on Being a Job Seeker
  5. How Best to Exploit Renewable Energy Sources – Kenyan Delegation Visiting Germany
  6. How the EPZ can Encourage your Investment in Kenya
  7. Understanding the Stock Market
  8. Transferring Money to Kenya Compared: Cheapest at only €0.40
  9. New Building Technology That Aim to Make Building Cheaper in Kenya
  10. What is the Power of €50


  1. Ranking of most Ausbildung jobs in 2012
  2. Foreigners getting paid at least 30% less than German natives
  3. How to earn a living during your studies
  4. Top Ausbildungen to look out for:
  5. Ausbildungen, the duration and how much you make during the Ausbildung
  6. Health Insurance in Germany – What you need to Know
  7. The Tanzanian German Program for Nurses and Health Workers
  8. eLearning: German Nursing Ausbildung for Kenyan Nurses
  9. Favourite Employers – Where do most Graduates Want to Work After Graduating
  10. Reasons Why Your Job Search in Germany Isn’t Bearing Fruits
  11. How to Write a German Cover/Motivation Letter (Anschreiben)
  12. Understanding the Concept of a German Ausbildung – Vocational Training
  13. Factors That Influence Your Income
  14. Non-Academic Professions on Demand in Germany – Mangelberufe
  15. Which Degree Earns you More Money in Germany?
  16. Who are the BEST Employers in Germany?
  17. Finding a Job or Ausbildung in Germany
  18. Academic Professions on Demand in Germany – Fachkräftemangel
  19. Which jobs do Most Germans Shy Away from?
  20. Dream Employers – Where do Most German Youngsters Dream of Working?
  21. In Which States Do You Earn The Highest Income in Germany?
  22. Which Professions do Germans Find Most Prestigious?
  23. Which Industries Earn the Highest?
  24. Where to Find ComDev, Poltical Science and IR Jobs
  25. How Much Do you Earn in Germany

Craziest Rants:

  1. The diaspora and truth
  2. Before You Get Married For Makara – Know it Might Cost You Your Sanity
  3. Ukoloni Mambo Leo – How Diaspora Kenyans Misuse Fellow Kenyans Without Papers
  4. An Open Letter to Prosieben for Their Racist and Colonial Portrayal of Tanzania
  5. Having parent(s) in Germany DOES NOT equal success
  6. Of Kenyan Girls and Their Online Love Searches

Most Informative:

  1. How Many Kenyans are in Germany; What is their Status and What do they do?
  2. German Passport – How it Affects your Pension and Taxes Even After Moving Back to Kenya
  3. New Laws for Non-EU Au Pairs and Families
  4. Rent prices in the 50 Most Expensive Cities in Germany
  5. A Talk with the German Embassy in Nairobi Regarding Kenyan Au Pairs and Visas
  6. Schulische ZeugnisAnerkennung – where to get your KCSE Cert converted to the German Equivalent
  7. Abendgymnasium English
  8. Applying to University in Germany
  9. Video: Choosing a Career or Course in Uni
  10. The Value of a Kenyan Diploma in Germany
  11. Ausbildungen that Require an Abi and Abiturientenausbildungen
  12. Ausbildungen With the Highest Number of Applicants
  13. Find which Ausbildung Suits your Personality
  14. Have no Time for a Fulltime Ausbildung? Try Part Time
  15. Doing an Ausbildung as a Medizinische Fachangestellte formerly known as Arzthelfer
  16. Getting your Pension Contributions Back from the German State on Returning to your Home Country
  17. How to have your Remittances Exempt from Taxes
  18. Starting a Business as a non-EU Foreigner in Germany
  19. What the New Budget Means to You As a Kenyan in the Diaspora
  20. Changes to Ausbildungen – Merging, Modernising, Renaming and New Ausbildungen 2013
  21. Recognition in Germany – Have your Foreign Degrees Recognised in Germany
  22. Where to Find an Ausbildung
  23. All You Need to Know About the SEPA Payment System
  24. Getting loans in Germany as a Foreigner
  25. Choosing a Current Account in Germany
  26. Where to Learn German in Kenya

Most Inspiring:

  1. 50 Kenyans Making Kenya Proud in Europe
  2. A Kenyan from Bonn Wins Best Paper at European Space Agency (ESA) in Athens
  3. Germanized Kenyan Breakfast by a Kenyan-Swiss Chef from Germany
  4. Angela Merkel, a Role Model to Women…..and Men
  5. Kenyan “Snake Man” Fascinates Dieter Böhlen at Das Supertalent
  6. Three Weddings, One Marriage – Kenyan Gets Married For the Third Time To The Same Man
  7. From Life of Affluence in the Diaspora to Begging in Kenya


  1. Kenyan Pointee Dating Famous Austrian Entrepreneur
  2. Kenyan dating German Ski champion
  3. German Finds Love at the Heart of Samburu
  4. Former Kenyan in Germany featured on KTN’s “Flesh of My Flesh Documentary”
  5. Kenyan MPs Convert Dutch Pub into a Kenyan Local Waterhole
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