Doing an Ausbildung as a Medizinische Fachangestellte formerly known as Arzthelfer

There was a recent discussion in one of the Kenyan forums on facebook an one of the members was very helpful in sharing Information about this Ausbildung. And kama kawaida I decided to archive it because I’m sure someone will require this information in a few days and the thread on FB will be impossible to find by then. If you need more details, you can contact the lady through Facebook. If you are also doing an Ausbildung or studying something interesting that you’d like to share with others, feel free to send me a short description on how to apply and what it entails.

The Ausbildung itself takes about 3yrs but you can shorten it if you get 2,0 in the 1st or in 2nd year. It used be Arzthelfer till 2005 but it was renamed because the profession not only includes nurse-like activities of helping the doctor but includes economics and administration activities.
At first it was hard for me. I started my Ausbildung after I had been in Germany for only one year. My German wasn’t as good by then so I was doing my ausbildung and extra tuition plus a language course paid for by the Arbeitsamt. I was even able to shorten my Ausbildung after the second year when I got 2,0. So I did my Ausbildung within two and a half years.
You don’t have to work in a hospital during your Ausbildung, you can choose where to do it. The Ausbildung is divided into 2: 10-12hrs (2days) in school and 28.5hrs at work.
To apply for the Ausbildung, you first need to get your KCSE certificate accredited (Check where to get that done in your Bundesland here: Schulische ZeugnisAnerkennung – where to get your KCSE Certificate Anerkannt). Then you need to out your application in order including CV, motivation letter and your certificates then send it to a clinic that is looking for Azubis for Medizinische Fachangestellte. You can check for clinics(praxes) looking for Azubis on or in your local dailies. The language certificate doesn’t matter so whichever level of German you have you can use it to apply for the position (unless otherwise stated). After you send in the application, you’ll be called in for an interview and when they decide to accept your application, they will register you to the school so all you need to do is send your application to the clinic.

Unlike nursing, MFs don’t work on weekends but sometimes you may be required to come in on Saturdays when the doctors has Sitzdienst at the Hospital but this only happens once a month at most and even then you don’t have to be there and the doctor won’t force you. If you work in the hospital then the rules there are different this is for those that work in clinics (praxis).

Considering it’s not a schulische Ausbildung, you do get paid during your Ausbildung on average you earn €653 but that varies from year to year. (You can read about Non Paid Ausbildungen here: Schulische Ausbildungen and check how much you get paid for different Ausbildungen here: Ausbildungen, the duration and how much you earn )

EDIT: From a second Profi: About those Certificates, I did the translation but it didn’t help much. It depends on your boss although I have to say it sounds better for the Germans since they also don’t understand our school system. About those Sitzdienst (Notdienst), it depends on your Boss also , that means whether He/She does them. e.g in my Case I used to do more than 1 in a month and you can also have them paid or one gets Freizeitausgleich. Those are the Docs that come when you call 116/ 117 or when you visit a Notfallpraxis. The good thing about the Ausbildung is that later one can work in any Clinic(Praxis), in a hospital, in Alteinheim etc.

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