Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Germany


The Federal Statistics Office has published a new book on German statistics revealing information, many didn’t know. Here is some of it.

Did you know that:

…in 2012, areas of the Zugspitze had the highest number of hours of sunshine (2067) while Winterberg in NRW had the least at 1339hrs.

….65000 women and 30000men aged below 30 years of age are already divorced

….the average age at which women give birth is 29

…..the favourite Ausbildung for men is KFZ Mechatroniker while for women it’s Medizinische Fachangestellte (MFA)/Artzhelferin

…the number of C-Section deliveries have doubled in the last 20 years. Today more than 30% births are done by C-Section

…on average 90kgs of meat and 95kgs of vegies are consumed annually

…beer consumption per capita has reduced from 118litres to 99 litres and amount of cigarrettes smoked dropped from 1731 to 1008 in the last ten years

…for every 1000 Baden Württemberg residents there are 18 music students while in Bremen and Hamburg only 4 residents per music student

…47% of the over 65 year old men use the internet at home but only 26% of the women of the same age

…women make up 16% of the 6.8million members of the German Football Federation and 69% of the members in the Gymnastics club. In athletics and volleyball there are equal numbers of men and women.

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