German Judge in Court For Selling Law Exams


A German judge is currently in court for selling exam material to law students and trying to escape to Namibia when his secret was discovered.

The judge is accused of selling the exams for a 5 digit figure. Apparently the judge approached students who failed the exams severally and offered to “help them out”. Furthermore, he had an affair with one lady; threatened 4 that he would destroy their career if they told on him and in 5 cases there is no evidence that the money was paid but the exams were handed out.

The judge (suspect) in a bid to delay the process requested the court to change the judge presiding the case. According to him, the presiding judge also took some of those exams he sold to others and he believes that he judgement won’t be fair.

The Ministry of Justice investigated 2000 lawyers who took his exams and 15 cases stood out. Each of the involved professionals will have their qualifications reexamined and they have a separate process going on in the courts.

If their “Staatsexamen” are nullified, then all these individuals will lose their careers and might have to go back to Uni to qualify. Most likely, they will have to do it abroad seeing that their reputation and CV in Germany will be tarnished.

If found guilty, the former judge faces up to 10 years imprisonment.

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