Asylum is Like Prison: Kenyan Asylum Seeker in Austria Shares

Kenyan Asylum Seeker in Austria
Picture source: SOS

Fara* (name changed) who is a participant in the NOEMI program in Austria shared her story with the Kirchen Zeitung.

She came to Austria while she was still a teenager aged 15. Now aged 21, she can hardly work or even start any career because of her status as an asylum seeker.

She came to Austria on her own in 2008, and applied for asylum in Austria. Her application was denied in 2011, but that couldn’t stop her from her goal to achieve more.

She’s hardworking and has been able to complete her high school education (Hauptschulabschluss) as well as two years technical training (Fachschule). She’s currently doing her apprenticeship (ausbildung) at the Caritas for the three year program to become a social worker.  She’s even attended an evening nursing training  course. Her exemplary performance at the nursing home where she did her internship is lauded by all, she speaks fluent German.

She’s hungry to learn more and achieve more but she can’t build anything until her asylum process is complete. She applied for asylum immediately she arrived in Austria in 2008, in 2011, her application was denied. She appealed the decision, that was three years ago, she’s received no response from the migration authorities. She’s an avid footballer and is one of the best players in the women’s team but she can’t join her team when they travel for championships outside Austria because she has no passport.

“It’s depressing, I keep checking the post box to see if I’ve received mail from the migration officials. I see no future. If I had the papers it would be much easier, but now…..”,

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