Kenyan Immigration Department Limits Visa Durations and Puts Naturalization on Hold


If you are a foreigner in Kenya, you might have to reconsider your plans.

According to the Department of Immigration Services Kenya’s twitter account, foreigners in Kenya can currently only have their visas extended to a maximum of three months.For those whose visas have already expired, they need to leave the country and reapply for visas whose application may or may not be accepted. Those who might be interested in being naturalised, that has been put on hold thus interested parties will have to continue on their visa until the process is reopened.

Foreigners in Kenya have noted that it has become considerably harder to have visas extended especially post West-Gate attack. Several have had their applications denied, especially those without good enough reasons to stay within the country. Most have had to travel outside the EAC and reapply for a visa at the entry points, but this hasn’t been an assurance of getting a visa either.

Evidently, only serious entrepreneurs are welcome without question (Aliko Dangote got an unlimited 5 year multiple entry visa, and you think money doesn’t talk when you apply for a visa? (And please don’t say this is only in Kenya, it happens EVERYWHERE. Show me cash and you even get honorary citizenship)). The rest of the mere mortals have to keep up with the tedious application process and prayers that the application goes through. 😉

Haiya, might Kenya be going down the American, UK and German road of turning down visa applications at will.

I’ve heard there are several foreigners at the Kenyan coast marrying Kenyans for “makara”. Might the shoe be on the other foot now?

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