Good News for Students and Professionals

I know most of you already know about this by now but just to keep the others updated, here is a summary of the new laws that were recently passed. The law is in relation to immigrant Students and Professionals in Germany.
For the Students:

  • Working days have been increased from 90 to 120days (or 240 half days)
  • Time to search for a job after studies has been increased as well from 12months to 18months and they are allowed within this period to take up any jobs unlike before

For the Professionals:

The EU Blue Card (that is a bootleg to the American Green Card) has been introduced and to get it, you require to have:

  • Atleast a University degree (or similar qualification)
  • A job with an income of atleast €44800 p.a  previously it was €66000 p.a
  • For Mathematicians, Medical Doctors, Engineers and IT-Experts the income is lower at €35000 (doesn’t mean they get paid less, but that they can get the blue card while earning less than for other professions)

For a person with the blue card to get Niederlassungserlaubnis:Austrian Passport

  • Good knowledge of German
  • Worked atleast 2yrs and have a running contract at the time for application

For a person with the blue card to get Unbefristete Aufenthalt,

  • Worked atleast 3yrs and have a running contract at the time for application
  • Good knowledge of German

General rules:

  • Incase you loose your job, you get 6months to look for a new one, as long as you can show that you can support yourself during the said period
  • The have also reduced the requirements for those willing to start their own companies

The jobs “on demand” in Germany are: Academic Professions or Non-Academic Professions.

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