The EU Plans to Simplify the Rules for Foreign Students and Researchers

The EU headquarters in Bruxelles are busy working on new laws to help make the application process and consequently life easier for foreign students from the third states who plan to study in Europe. The new rules include:
  • Embassy should decide within 60days whether or not they will give out a visa or not
  • Foreigners legally living in the EU should be able to easily move from one country to another with no issues.
  • Students should be allowed to work at most 20hrs a week
  • Students and researchers should be allowed a year to stay in the country they studied in to find a job but the country maintains the right to decide whether or not to issue the residence permit or not. (Germany already extended that to 18months, read that here: Good News for Students and Professionals). 
There are currently more than 200,000 students and researchers flowing into the EU annually. It’s imperative that the EU encourages the growth of this number. Currently other countries in the EU remain more attractive for foreign professionals and researchers.
If approved by the EU member states, it could take 3yrs before these laws come into force.

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