EU Blue Card for the professionals introduced

EU blue card

It’s now official from 1st August 2012, the German government has introduced the EU Blue Card Germany (EU Blaue Karte Deutschland) that will be issued to professionals. The blue card works like the American green card in some ways, but here is the breakdown on the rules governing it.

The main aim of the Blue Card is to simplify and encourage migration of professionals into Germany.


Any foreigner from a non-EU state who has:

  • a degree or equivalent from a German or foreign institute of higher learning
  • a job contract with an annual income of at least €44,800 with the exception of Doctors, Mathematicians, Engineers and IT Professionals that are allowed to earn a bit less i.e. €34,944.
  • at least 5yrs experience in their qualified field
  • an approval from the Federal Labour Office

Also, it is wise to note that the EU Blue Card will be denied if there is a shortage in that occupation in the home country of the applicant
Students who have completed their studies in Germany and have a job that satisfies the stated criteria, may also apply for the EU Blue Card at the Foreigners’ Office in their area.

  • The Blue Card is valid for a maximum of 4yrs, it cannot be extended thereafter.
  • The EU Blue Card will be issued for the duration of the contract plus 3months.
  • To change jobs within the first 2yrs of holding the EU Blue Card, the applicant will require a permit from the migration authorities. The new job will have to fulfil the criteria stipulated for application for the EU Blue Card in the first place.
  • The EU Blue Card can be upgraded within 33months of working and paying taxes to permanent residence permit (unbefristete Niederlassungserlaubnis) or within 21months if the applicant can prove to have at least B1 level of German. (What you need to get a Niederlassungserlaubnis)

Foreigners who:

  • Enjoy free movement with the EU due to prior treaties between the EU and their home  country
  • Moved to another EU country as seasonal workers
  • Has applied for asylum
  • Have a Duldung in Germany

are not legible to apply for the EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card isn’t restricted only to Germany but to the whole of the EU. You can upload your CV or headhunt professionals for your company at the EU Blue Card website here. Read more from the website dedicated to the EU Blue Card here.

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