Ambassador’s Official Statement on the Westgate Attack

Pamoja and Ambassador in Frankfurt7


Dear Compatriots, Fellow Kenyans,

Dear Friends of Kenya, 

As you may be aware, our beautiful and peaceful motherland was once again attacked by devious and cowardly terrorists.  The senseless heinous act was committed on innocent Kenyans and our visitors who were going about their business in our usual warm and hospitable environment.  Consequently, we lost precious lives of 67 persons and a further 175 suffered injuries.  The Government security agencies and patriotic Kenyans through concerted efforts managed to rescue and evacuate hundreds of those who were in the Westgate Mall. H.E. the President led the Nation to systematically and carefully handle the delicate situation.

We at the Kenya Embassy Berlin salute H.E. the President, Government Officials and Security Agencies and the gallant Kenyans for the swift rescue action.  We watched every moment of it with abated breath whilst praying for the success of the operation.

In spite of the distance, Kenyans in Germany made numerous calls and sent mails to the Head of Mission and indeed the Embassy staff expressing solidarity and seeking information on the incident.  We thank you for that show of patriotic feeling for our motherland.  We convey your support messages to our people in Kenya.

We are proud of and indeed laud the ordinary Kenyan citizens who volunteered all forms of assistance without prompting or coercion.  The pictures of all and sundry turning out in large numbers to donate blood and offer all kinds of assistance made a loud statement to the world who Kenyans are.

I have received numerous messages of solidarity from almost all Embassies represented in Germany, the Federal Government and indeed our various business partners.  They have nothing but great admiration for the Kenyan spirit of resilience, togetherness and commitment to one another.

I urge all of us, Kenyan Diaspora in Germany, wherever you are to hold prayers in honour of our Compatriots who lost their lives and continue in the same spirit to demonstrate to our hosts that this despicable incident shall not deter us from building our Nation.  I assure you that normal activities are going on as usual and the Government has been and shall continue securing our peace and security.  We must remain firmly united and focused in safeguarding our motherland and building her with even greater zeal.

To our partners and visitors thank you for your support and together we must not let the terror propagators to triumph by letting their acts and threats deter us from doing business in and with Kenya.

God bless Kenya.




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