Germany opens doors for Foreign Non Academics

So far Germany has done a lot in reforming their laws in regards to the Academics especially for the MINT professions (Read Good News for Students and Professionals) and by introducing the EU Blue Card. (Read EU Blue Card Introduced). But this past week has seen them try and improve the laws pertaining to other non academic professions. The new laws are aimed mainly at those from outside the EU with qualifications that are recognized in Germany.

The BA (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) will have to put up a list known as the “Positive List” of professions in demand (Mangelberüfe) in Germany that will have the simplified application process.  The lists will be on the BA websites for reference. The BA will also be allowed to make bilateral agreements with some countries to allow their professionals to come to Germany. This will ensure that no professionals move from their home country to Germany, leaving their country with a deficiency for the professionals in that field. This new law will come into practice from 1st July.

The reform aims to make the process faster, simpler and more transparent. Though many welcomed this new reform, the Bundesvereinigung der Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) encouraged the government to ensure there is a mentality change in those processing the documents for the incoming migrants.

Some of these professions will include: Nurses, Geriatric Nurses, Electricians, Plumbers and Radiator technicians.

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