How much do Students in Germany Spend Monthly?

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After the “budget” from yesterday, seems some people got a little bit confused. So here is a real student budget.

On how the €8000 is calculated here is my theory. On average, as a new student in Germany one will take atleast two semesters before getting a job. Those two semesters account for 12months, in which the student will still be living and consuming so (12×794) = €9528. That is the calculation for the student BEFORE arriving in Germany. For students already enrolled in a German Uni, the requirement is between €3000 and €5000 for a visa extension, considerably lower than for a student who is starting off.

An average student budget in Germany generally looks like this:

  • Rent – €298
  • Food – €165
  • Clothing – €52
  • School Stationery – €30
  • Transport – €82
  • Health Insurance – €66
  • Communication (Internet, telephone etc) – €33
  • Entertainment – €68
  • Total – €794

PS: As a foreign student, you might have to increase the budget for calling, and on top also consider the amount you need to pay for your visa extension (ranges from €80-€100 annually = €6-8 monthly)


Monthly Budget for Students in germany

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