Europeans need to respect Africans

Auma Obama, I don’t need to explain who she is do I? If for some unexplainable reason, you live in Germany (most people in Kenya know nothing about her, but the germans apparently see her as their “link” to White House) and still do not know who she is and about her stay in Heidelberg, check here….lol…her bio is only in german, english wikipedia only has a paragraph about her on Obama’s bio.

She was recently in Mannheim for the Catholic Day, and this time she discussed about Europeans and their respect for African traditions and ways. According to her, most Europeans know absolutely nothing about Africa and Muslims but still have opinions about both of them and these opinions tend to be mainly influenced by stereotypes they have heard of over time. She also condemned the Europeans for not respecting the Africans’ ways of doing things and always trying to transfer and remodel the African soceity into what theirs is. She pointed out that they try to create a copyright image of their soceity into the African one. According to her, “Civilization from an african point of view sounds very Eurocentric”.
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