VOTE: Kenyan Born Musician Trailblazing in the French Music Scene

Solia Grace Mugure

Kenyan born, France based musician, Solia Grace is requesting for your VOTES. You can vote here: VOTE FOR SOILA GRACE (Click on Voter Pour Cet Artiste).

Solia Grace, born in Nairobi Kenya on 24th August 1977 as Grace Mugure moved to France in 1999. Her love for music began when she was only ten years old after which she started a gospel music group DDG. She’s gone ahead to work with great names in the industry like Nina Simoné, with whom she went on tour with in 2000 and eventually to make a name for herself.

She mainly sings in English, influenced mainly by Jill Scott. You can find most of her songs on Youtube, my favourite remains “Fever”. Listen to it below. It’s unique, does justice to her amazing voice and I love jazz 😉 .

If you prefer “danceable” music, you can try “Light and Destiny” also by her.

Enjoyed her songs? Please vote for her, takes less than a second. Click here: VOTE FOR SOILA GRACE, on the page scroll to right above the comments and click on Voter Pour Cet Artiste.

She’s currently position 58 in the top 100. Let’s get her to position 1……please get voting and send it to your friends and relatives. You can vote from ANYWHERE. All you need is a Facebook account.

If she wins the award, she stands to:

  • Perform at the Ricard S.A Live Session tour in Spring 2014.
  • Be signed on the Believe Recordings label, get a digital EP plus promotion of her albums
  • Receive hardware from Yamaha Music Europe worth 2000€.
  • Perform at the Francofolies de La Rochelle and at festivals in which Ricard S.A Live Music have partnered in.
  • The “Career Management” training organized by IRMA FAIR.
  • 15 complimentary hours at the Variety Studio.
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