German Equivalent of a Kenyan Degree/Diploma/Certificate

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A University degree from Kenya is recognised in Germany if it is from a recognised University in Kenya.

Some people decide to go back to Uni and get a higher degree e.g. if you come with a Bachelor’s degree, you go to a German Uni and get a Masters. This is a great idea because some German employers only believe German degrees.

For some professions, if you don’t want to go back to school, you have the option to have your Kenyan certificate certified by an authorized professional body e.g. Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e.V. (BDP) for Psychologists. They simply look at the curriculum from your home country, compare it to the German one and if all integral modules were handled, they certify that you can also practice in Germany. For other professions like doctors, the process is a bit more complicated. One is required to work under German doctor for a while and do some tests before being allowed to practice independently, but that is another article on it’s own. So for other degrees.

Which Kenyan Qualifications are recognised in Germany?

Visit click on Hochschulabschlusse then pick on Suche nach Abschlusstypen then Länderauswählen, pick Kenia and click on Länderauswahl bestätigen

What is the name of my degree in German?

Kenyan Qualifications degree diploma certificate recognised in Germany

Visit click on Hochschulabschlusse then pick on Suche nach Abschlussen then Länderauswählen, pick Kenia and click on Länderauswahl bestätigen. You can find the full list of qualifications looked at here: Kenyan Qualifications degree diploma certificate recognised in Germany.

To find out what the equivalent of that degree is in Germany, click on the purple plus sign. A pop up window like the one below will open with information on that study course. There is a ranking as well, because some courses are offered in Kenya but have no equivalent in the German system, thus the Equivalence class ranking (Äquivalenzklasse):

Klasse Definition
Bedingt vergleichbar The foreign qualification is similar to the German one only in the naming but differs in the content handled
Entspricht The foreign qualification is similar to the German one only in the naming. No comment on the content handled
Gleichwertig The foreign qualification is equal to the German one both in the naming and in the content handled. Der ausländische Abschlusstyp/Abschluss ist dem deutschen Abschlusstyp formal und materiell gleichwertig.

and the qualification class (Abschlussklasse) ranking:

Klasse Definition
  A2  Qualifications with a duration of less than 3 years
  A3  Qualifications with a duration of less than 4 years 
  A4  Qualifications with a duration of 4 years
  A5  Qualifications with a duration of more than 4 years
  PGS Postgraduate Studies
  D1 Promotion
  D2 Habilitation
  HC Honorary degree
  NZ Nicht zugeordnet, weil die entsprechende Information fehlt oder weil sich der Abschlusstyp einer entsprechenden Klassifizierung nicht fügt.

German equivalent to Kenyan Qualifications degree diploma certificate

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