Why do Women in Germany Earn Less than Men?

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You would expect for a country who is Vaterland to one of the most powerful woman on earth and has majority of cabinet positions taken over by women, to be a country where the “equal rights” movement has borne fruit and men and women are treated equally. Well, Germany seems to have done alot for women but is still unable to controll how women are treated at the work place. 

Germany might be ruled by a woman but majority of the CEOs and Board members of most companies remain men. Women also earn less than their male counterparts for the same position and same amount of work, in 2013, the difference was at 22%. So a new study by the Federal Office of Statistics (Statistische Bundesamt) sought to find out why women earn less than their male counterparts, here are some of the reasons.

Why do Women in Germany Earn Less than Men


According to the study, the average hourly rate for women across the country stands at 15,56 Euro, while for men it is at 19,84 Euro. The numbers have remained unchanged for the past four years. In Western Germany, the difference is three time larger than that in the Eastern block.

Some of the reasons why women earn less include:

  • Few are in management positions
  • Most work part time
  • Long breaks taken during child birth

For a man and woman with similar qualifications and working the same job, the difference in their income is only at 7%. This hasn’t changed since 2010.

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