Have African Embassies Failed in Their Communication Skills?


On Africa Speaks this week, they discussed Embassies being Hands off to the extent of forgetting their actual responsibilities.

As diasporans, those of us who don’t have relatives here, the embassy is considered their next of kin. So it is inevitable to some extent to get in touch with the Embassy. And so I thought we should have this conversation on how we view the embassy and what suggestions we have on what they should improve on.

In the discussion in the video below, an issue that came up was use of social media by Embassies. Looking at the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, at least they have a website and they have been very active on updating the news section but they aren’t on any social media sites. Do you think the Embassy should be on social media?

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Please take part in the poll and let’s discuss this issue. The answers are anonymous, so feel free to be honest.

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Below is the video discussing the issue and a few twitter comments:

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