Kenyan Permanent Residence Permit for Diasporans Who Renounce Citizenship


When the new constitution was being drafted, the discussion on dual citizenship was top of the list for most diaspora organisations and those that were able to lobby, that’s what they lobbied for.

However, what many didn’t remember was that not all Kenyan diasporans live in the US or UK, where dual citizenship is automatic. Germany unfortunately doesn’t offer dual citizenship automatically for foreigners who’ve migrated into Germany but it does, though through a process. If you’re about to apply for German citizenship and you’re interested in keeping your Kenyan citizenship, you might want to read this How German Dual Citizenship Works.

There are numerous people in Germany, who applied for German citizenship without this knowledge and ended up losing their citizenship. The daring ones noticed the legal loophole in the Kenyan constitution and reapplied for citizenship while hoping the German officials never found out. The others were cowed and continue to pay for visas every time they visit Kenya.

Noticing the latter group, the Kenyan government has allowed for Kenyans, who gave up their citizenship and who lack a legal procedure in their new home countries to regain Kenyan citizenship, to apply for permanent residence permit. The permanent residence permit allows you to enter Kenya any time you feel like, without having to apply for a visa at the embassy or pay for one at the point of entry.



Under Section 37 of the Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011, the following categories of applicants, their children and spouses detailed below are eligible upon meeting the prescribed requirements. In normal practice, holders of permanent residency are expected to be domiciled in the country.

CATEGORY: A (Ex-Citizens of Kenya)

Applicants who were Kenya citizens at birth but now:

  1. Have renounced or lost citizenship status.
  2. Are denied the opportunity by their countries of domicile from holding dual citizenship
  3. The children and spouses of the above mentioned applicants.


Rights and obligations of permanent residents.

A permanent resident shall—

  1. have the right to enter and remain in Kenya, subject to the provisions of this Act;
  2. have the right to be employed in Kenya;
  3. have the right to attend educational facilities;
  4. have right to own property legally in Kenya;
  5. have the right to move and settle anywhere in Kenya;
  6. have the right to access and enjoy social services and facilities in Kenya;
  7. comply with residency obligation as may be prescribed;
  8. be provided with a permanent residence certificate as prescribed under the regulations; and
  9. comply with such other conditions as shall be imposed under the regulations.


  • Application letter
  • Dully filled Form 23
  • Dully filled questionnaire for intending applicants- Category A
  • Proof of Previous Kenya Citizenship-Copy of birth certificate/ Identity card/or Passport
  • Certified copy of the current passport
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by country of domicile
  • Processing fees KSHS: 10,000.00 (NON REFUNDABLE)
  • Issuance fees KSHS: 15.000.00 (PAYABLE ONCE UPON APPROVAL)
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