After Renouncing Kenyan Citizenship: How to Apply for a Kenyan Permanent Residence Permit

We had discussed this in a previous article but the Department of Immigration Services was still using the old offline process. However, just as they did with the passport application process, they have also moved this process “online” with its own portal to boot. Why do we need a second portal? But I digress.

The new online process, just like the passport application process, is basically just more complicated than the old manual system. Now instead of just downloading the forms, filling them out and going to queue at Nyayo house, you get to fill the forms on a portal, pay the service plus a convenience fee, print them out, fill some extra details the portal forgot to fill out, then go queue. Yaani they create an inconvenience then charge you a convenience fee for it.




  • The application will cost you:
Processing fees (Non refundable) 10,000
Issuance Fees (Payable once upon approval) 15,000
  • plus KShs. 50 for each payment made via the portal as a convenience fee.

Process Duration:

  • If you’re wondering how long the process will take from you making your application on eFNS to approval, the eFNS FAQ page promises: Three (3) months to one (1) year.
  • However, my last visit to Nyayo House revealed that such a process should take at least 18 months.


For the whole process you have two sets of requirements. For the process on eFNS you will need:

  • an eCitizen or eFNS account
  • a scanned copy of your Einbürgersurkunde
  • German passport details: Issuance date, Place of Issue, Validity Period. (if you’re married, you will need the same details for your spouse)
  • a scanned copy of your police clearance certificate
    • The FAQ on eFNS says: The police clearance certificate has to be from Kenya, except for former Kenya citizens who obtain from their country of domicile.
    • Führungszeugniss that you can apply online on the Bundesamt für Justiz
    • You can also apply for the Kenyan one if you wish via eCitizen, but you will need to go to the CID headquarters to get your fingerprints taken. Once its ready you can download it from the eCitizen portal.
  • a passport sized photo of yourself
  • information about your parents (they will ask for your parents’ email addresses, you can use your own)
  • your Kenyan Birth certificate number
  • your previous Kenyan ID number
  • your previous Kenyan Passport number

For the Nyayo House sumission, you will need:

  • An application letter
  • A print out of the duly filled permanent residence application form (form 23) signed and stamped by Magistrate/Commissioner for oaths. You can also access your previous applications by clicking here
  • A print out of the duly filled Category A – Questionnaire for Intending Applicants which is generated upon completion of the online application.
  • Proof of Previous Kenya Citizenship-Copy of birth certificate/ Identity card or Passport
  • 2 Recent passport size photographs (a soft copy will also be required during application)
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by country of domicile
  • Proof of current citizenship(Registration/naturalization certificate and Passport)
  • Copy of the Police Clearance Certificate
  • Copy of Checklist. click here to download

Applying for the Permanent Residence Permit on eFNS:

Step 1:

  • To Log In, you will either need an eCitizen or an eFNS account.
  • For the eFNS account:
    • For Kenyan citizens, you will need your national ID number while foreigners residing in Kenya will need your foreigner certificate. If you do not have national ID or foreigner certificate, select other and use passport details to register

Step 2:

  • If you’re using your eCitizen account, after logging in, they will ask you to allow the “Foreign National Management” to access your info, click Allow.
  • On the Dashboard, click on Submit New Application

Step 3:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply now on “Permanent Residence Permit”

Step 4:

  • On the Permanent Residence Page where all Residence Permits are listed, pick the first category:
  • (Category A) Application for Permanent Residency by Ex-Citizens of Kenya
    • This category applies to applicants who were Kenya citizens by birth but have since renounced or lost citizenship status and/or are denied the opportunity by their countries of domicile to hold dual citizenship. Children and spouses of these applicants can also apply.
  • And click on Learn More

Step 5:

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Apply Now

Step 6:

  • Fill on all the info and upload all the necessary documents.

Step 7:

  • After you have filled out the two pages, you’ll be redirected to the payments page. If it redirects you instead to the Dashboard, click on Invoices and Payments.
  • On this page you’ll have all your applications that need to be paid for. Click on Pay via eCitizen on the application you want to make payments for. You have the options to pay via:
    • MPesa
    • Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card
    • Airtel Money
    • eCitizen Agent
  • Pick your preferred method

Step 8:

  • Go back to the Dashboard and in the green box on “My Applications” click on View/Print Applications.

Step 9:

  • Click on the printer icon, Print Application Form.

Step 10:

  • Fill out the required fields, sign the document and together with the other documents, hand them in to the Immigration Desk at Nyayo House


For any help with the technicalities of the website, please contact:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @eFNShelp
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