Germany Tops List of World’s Most Powerful Passports

The Global Passport Index results have been released and we looked at the change from our last analysis of the index in 2013 and here are the new numbers.

The Global Passport Index ranks countries based on the number of countries the passport lets you into visa-free. This year’s list had the German passport in the highest rank with access to 158 countries, visa-free. A drop from 172 in 2013.

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Countries like Sweden, UK and Finland that topped the 2013 list with 173, this year dropped slightly with Sweden dropping to second (157) and Finland and UK dropping to third place (156) respectively.

Our dear Kenya passport didn’t change much in the three years, having only dropped 3 spots from position 60 to 63. In 2013, the Kenyan passport could get you into 68 countries visa-free, while now that number has dropped to 64.

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Top 10 Passport Power Ranking 2017:

  1. 157 – Germany
  2. 156 – Singapore, Sweden
  3. 155 – Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, UK, USA
  4. 154 – Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan
  5. 153 – Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand
  6. 152 – Greece, South Korea, Australia
  7. 151 – Czech Republic, Iceland
  8. 150 – Hungary
  9. 149 – Malta, Poland
  10. 148 – Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia


Bottom 10 Passport Power Ranking 2017

  1. 98 – Afghanistan
  2. 97 – Pakistan
  3. 96 – Iraq
  4. 95 – Syria
  5. 94 – Somalia
  6. 93 – Ethiopia, South Sudan
  7. 92 – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
  8. 91 – Eritrea, Iran, Sudan
  9. 90 – Libya, Nepal, Palestinian Territories
  10. 89 – Lebanon

Below is a comparison of the Kenyan to the German passport

CountryKenyan PassportGerman Passport CountryKenyan PassportGerman Passport
Afghanistanvisa requiredvisa requiredLuxembourgvisa requiredvisa-free
Albaniavisa requiredvisa-freeMacaovisa requiredvisa-free
Algeriavisa requiredvisa requiredMacedonia (FYROM)visa requiredvisa-free
Andorravisa requiredvisa-freeMadagascarvisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Angolavisa requiredvisa requiredMalawivisa-freevisa on arrival
Antigua and Barbudavisa-freevisa-freeMalaysiavisa-freevisa-free
Argentinavisa requiredvisa-freeMaldivesvisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Armeniavisa requiredvisa-freeMalivisa requiredvisa required
Australiavisa requiredeTA / eVisitorMaltavisa requiredvisa-free
Austriavisa requiredvisa-freeMarshall Islandsvisa requiredvisa-free
Azerbaijanvisa requiredvisa requiredMauritaniavisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Bahrainvisa requiredvisa on arrivalMexicovisa requiredvisa-free
Bangladeshvisa requiredvisa on arrivalMicronesiavisa-freevisa-free
Barbadosvisa-freevisa-freeMoldovavisa requiredvisa-free
Belarusvisa requiredvisa requiredMonacovisa requiredvisa-free
Belgiumvisa requiredvisa-freeMongoliavisa requiredvisa-free
Belizevisa requiredvisa-freeMontenegrovisa requiredvisa-free
Beninvisa requiredvisa requiredMoroccovisa requiredvisa-free
Bhutanvisa requiredvisa requiredMozambiquevisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Boliviavisa requiredvisa-freeMyanmar [Burma]visa requiredvisa required
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa requiredvisa-freeNamibiavisa-freevisa-free
Botswanavisa-freevisa-freeNauruvisa requiredvisa required
Brazilvisa requiredvisa-freeNepalvisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Bruneivisa requiredvisa-freeNetherlandsvisa requiredvisa-free
Bulgariavisa requiredvisa-freeNew Zealandvisa requiredvisa-free
Burkina Fasovisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalNicaraguavisa on arrivalvisa-free
Burundivisa-freevisa requiredNigervisa requiredvisa required
Cambodiavisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalNigeriavisa on arrivalvisa required
Cameroonvisa requiredvisa requiredNorth Koreavisa requiredvisa required
Canadavisa requiredeTANorwayvisa requiredvisa-free
Cape Verdevisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalOmanvisa requiredvisa on arrival
Central African Republicvisa requiredvisa requiredPakistanvisa requiredvisa required
Chadvisa requiredvisa requiredPalauvisa on arrivalvisa-free
Chilevisa requiredvisa-freePalestinian Territoriesvisa requiredvisa-free
Chinavisa requiredvisa requiredPanamavisa-freevisa-free
Colombiavisa requiredvisa-freePapua New Guineavisa requiredvisa on arrival
Comorosvisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalParaguayvisa requiredvisa-free
Congovisa requiredvisa requiredPeruvisa requiredvisa-free
Congo (Dem. Rep.)visa on arrivalvisa requiredPhilippinesvisa-freevisa-free
Costa Ricavisa requiredvisa-freePolandvisa requiredvisa-free
Cote Divoire (Ivory Coast)visa requiredvisa requiredPortugalvisa requiredvisa-free
Croatiavisa requiredvisa-freeQatarvisa requiredvisa on arrival
Cubavisa requiredvisa requiredRomaniavisa requiredvisa-free
Cyprusvisa requiredvisa-freeRussian Federationvisa requiredvisa required
Czech Republicvisa requiredvisa-freeRwandavisa-freevisa on arrival
Denmarkvisa requiredvisa-freeSaint Kitts and Nevisvisa-freevisa-free
Djiboutivisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalSaint Luciavisa on arrivalvisa-free
Dominicavisa-freevisa-freeSamoavisa on arrivalvisa-free
Dominican Republicvisa requiredvisa-freeSan Marinovisa requiredvisa-free
Ecuadorvisa requiredvisa-freeSao Tome and Principevisa requiredvisa-free
Egyptvisa requiredvisa on arrivalSaudi Arabiavisa requiredvisa required
El Salvadorvisa requiredvisa-freeSenegalvisa-freevisa-free
Equatorial Guineavisa requiredvisa requiredSerbiavisa requiredvisa-free
Eritreavisa-freevisa requiredSeychellesvisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Estoniavisa requiredvisa-freeSierra Leonevisa on arrivalvisa required
Ethiopiavisa-freevisa on arrivalSingaporevisa-freevisa-free
Fijivisa-freevisa-freeSlovakiavisa requiredvisa-free
Finlandvisa requiredvisa-freeSloveniavisa requiredvisa-free
Francevisa requiredvisa-freeSolomon Islandsvisa requiredvisa-free
Gabonvisa requiredvisa requiredSomaliavisa requiredvisa required
Gambiavisa-freevisa-freeSouth Africavisa requiredvisa-free
Georgiavisa requiredvisa-freeSouth Koreavisa requiredvisa-free
Germanyvisa requiredSouth Sudanvisa on arrivalvisa required
Ghanavisa-freevisa requiredSpainvisa requiredvisa-free
Greecevisa requiredvisa-freeSri Lankavisa requiredeTA
Grenadavisa-freevisa-freeSt. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-freevisa-free
Guatemalavisa requiredvisa-freeSudanvisa on arrivalvisa required
Guineavisa requiredvisa requiredSurinamevisa requiredvisa on arrival
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalSwazilandvisa-freevisa-free
Guyanavisa requiredvisa-freeSwedenvisa requiredvisa-free
Haitivisa-freevisa-freeSwitzerlandvisa requiredvisa-free
Hondurasvisa requiredvisa-freeSyriavisa requiredvisa required
Hong Kongvisa-freevisa-freeTaiwanvisa requiredvisa-free
Hungaryvisa requiredvisa-freeTajikistanvisa requiredvisa on arrival
Icelandvisa requiredvisa-freeTanzaniavisa-freevisa on arrival
IndiaeTAeTAThailandvisa requiredvisa-free
Indonesiavisa-freevisa-freeTimor-Lestevisa on arrivalvisa-free
Iranvisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalTogovisa on arrivalvisa on arrival
Iraqvisa requiredvisa requiredTongavisa requiredvisa-free
Irelandvisa requiredvisa-freeTrinidad and Tobagovisa-freevisa-free
Israelvisa requiredvisa-freeTunisiavisa requiredvisa-free
Italyvisa requiredvisa-freeTurkeyvisa requiredvisa-free
Jamaicavisa-freevisa-freeTurkmenistanvisa requiredvisa required
Japanvisa requiredvisa-freeTuvaluvisa on arrivalvisa-free
Jordanvisa requiredvisa on arrivalUgandavisa-freevisa on arrival
Kazakhstanvisa requiredvisa-freeUkrainevisa requiredvisa-free
Kenyavisa on arrivalUnited Arab Emiratesvisa requiredvisa-free
Kiribativisa-freevisa-freeUnited Kingdomvisa requiredvisa-free
Kosovovisa requiredvisa-freeUnited States of Americavisa requiredeTA
Kuwaitvisa requiredvisa on arrivalUruguayvisa requiredvisa-free
Kyrgyzstanvisa requiredvisa-freeUzbekistanvisa requiredvisa required
Laosvisa on arrivalvisa on arrivalVanuatuvisa-freevisa-free
Latviavisa requiredvisa-freeVatican Cityvisa requiredvisa-free
Lebanonvisa requiredvisa on arrivalVenezuelavisa requiredvisa-free
Lesothovisa-freevisa-freeViet Namvisa requiredvisa-free
Liberiavisa requiredvisa requiredYemenvisa requiredvisa required
Libyavisa requiredvisa requiredZambiavisa-freevisa on arrival
Liechtensteinvisa requiredvisa-freeZimbabwevisa-freevisa on arrival
Lithuaniavisa requiredvisa-free
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