What is the role of the Consular Section of the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin?

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This past weekend, Mr. Wamela shared some statistics about his department, the consular section of the Embassy and I thought, I’d share.


They issue new passports to Kenyan children born in Germany and renew passports for Kenyans living in Germany. In 2012, they renewed over 6000 passports for Kenyans living in Germany. With the new constitution children born to foreign fathers and Kenyan mothers are allowed to take up Kenyan citizenship and Kenyan passports; since the passing of that bill by parliament they have issued only 20 passports to Kenyan children with foreign fathers living in Germany.

If everything goes according to plan, by end of this year, the Embassy in Berlin will be issuing passports from Berlin thus doing away with the tiring process of sending all requests to Nairobi for processing.

UPDATE: New passports have to be picked directly from the embassy in Berlin. (Read: New Passports to be Picked in Person at the Embassy in Berlin)

Emergency Travelling Documents

In case at the time you wish to travel, your passport has expired or is lost, the embassy issues emergency travelling documents BUT this act as a one way ticket. You can’t use them to travel back.

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates:

They replace lost birth certificates and issue new ones to those born here. Kenyan children born in Germany can get a Kenyan birth certificate issued by the embassy in Berlin.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

For those wishing to get married in Germany

Certificate of Good Conduct

In 2012, they issued 8 such certificates.

Verify Documents

This is a free service. If you need KNEC Certificates or other such certificates from Kenya being verified.

Legalize Documents

They handled 664 such documents in 2012

Renounciation Certificates

The Kenyans that wish to take up German citizenship need to renounce their Kenyan one. They processed 350 renounciation certificates in 2012.

Registration of Kenyans

Although the German authorities give the figure at 9414 (Read on: How many Kenyans are in Germany); the Embassy in Berlin has only registered 6213.

Interview people said to be Kenyans

These are people found without documents and they claim they are Kenyans. The consular section, interviews them to try and find out where they are really from. They try and confirm the person’s origin with the authorities in Kenya and if possible the person gets Kenyan documents.

Facilitate Deportation of Kenyan Nationals

The consular section comes in to facilitate proper deportation of Kenyans.

Visit Kenyans in Prisons

The consular section visits Kenyans in prisons to find out what their charges are and in some cases facilitate for the people to be returned home instead of being held in German prisons. Last year they visited 11 Kenyans in prison, 6men and 5women. 2 agreed to return home. The Ambassador hopes this number can be reduced to zero.

Acts as next of Kin in cases of death

When a Kenyan dies in Germany and has no relatives here, the Embassy acts as the next of kin until the family is found. In cases of death, the Embassy can request for an extension of time before the remains are cremated as they look for the relatives of the person. The consular section also processes the documents for the body to be returned home. It DOES NOT pay for the transportation of the body.

Advises on Investment Permits

For those looking to invest in Kenya, the consular section will give you details on which permits are required for what kind of business.

Canine Import Licence

They process licences for those wishing to move to Kenya with their dogs or cats.


For the non-Kenyans wishing to visit Kenya, the consular processes visas.


You can visit the Consular section of the embassy:

Online: Consular Section Kenyan Embassy Berlin

Or Offline:

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
Markgrafenstrasse 63,
10969 Berlin.

Or call: 0049-30-259266-0 or 0049-30-259266-11

In cases of Emergency you can call their emergency number 0049-170-5653817

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