New Passports to be Picked in Person at the Embassy in Berlin


Come next month the luxury of having your passport sent to you by post will be a thing of the past.

According to a message posted by the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, Kenyans living in Germany who apply for new passports, will have to pick them personally from the embassy in Berlin. This new regulation will come into effect as of 1st of September.

The message as posted on the website, stated:


Due to changes in the Passport issuance procedures, it has now become mandatory for ALL applicants to personally collect newly issued Passports from the Kenya Embassy Berlin. This takes effect from 1st September, 2014

It remains unclear though whether this will also apply to those applying from Bulgaria and Romania, as they are also represented by the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin.

These new changes could be attributed to the increased number of lost passports. There have been allegations of passports not being delivered after they were posted by the embassy. The resulting process for the passport owner to file a complaint with the police and apply for a new passport from the embassy ended up being too cumbersome thus the decision to no longer send out post passports

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