Demand Better Service from the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin

Kenyan Embassy Bear
The bear found at the Kenyan Embassy entrance in Berlin, painted by Kenyan artist Wambui Baal

For the longest time Kenyans abroad have been complaining about the Kenyan missions in their countries of residence, the Kenyans in Germany and Romania are no different.

Thus is new project titled, “Demand Better Service”. We have been complaining about the Embassy staff being rude, but never have we ever pinpointed who. Therefore, after our complaints, the main message that comes from the Embassy officials is, “We’ll speak to the staff and they will change”. Well, years down the line and we’re doing the exact same thing.

This project aims to actually name the rude culprits and honour the friendly ones. The idea is to actually speak about concrete cases and not the usual blanket statement of “the Embassy is rude”. Would you like to take part? Here’s how you do it:

1. Identify the person you talk to at the embassy, preferrably before starting the conversation. Ask for their name when you call, then go ahead to talk about the reason for your call. (We run the risk of some of them giving a fake name, therefore please also note the date and time of the call.)

2. Enter that information into our “Service sheet” (attached below). Including what you thought about the conversation. We would also appreciate if you entered information about good service received at the embassy and not just the bad experiences.

3. The results shall be presented to the Kenyan Embassy Berlin, including suggestions on the way forward.

This is a Bürgerinitiative (Citizen Initiative), it is independent of the Kenyan Embassy and is run solely by volunteers living in Germany. We welcome anyone else who would be interested in taking part and also welcome suggestions and ideas on how to solve this problem we’ve all been facing.

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