Top 10 Medium Sized Companies in Germany

Top 10 German Middle Income Companies 2015 Mittelstand

So you’re looking for a job and coming from Kenya, you know Siemens, Unilever, VW, BMW, but none of those are offering jobs and you definitely want to work for a “recognisable” company.

The German economy is supported mainly by the medium sized companies (der Mittelstand), meaning there are more of them there are of well known huge companies. They are definitely a great bet if you’re looking for a job.

According to the Munich Strategy Group (MSG), these are the top 10 Medium Sized companies in Germany. The ranking only includes companies with an annual income of between 15 Million Euro and 400 Million Euro. Seems even in Germany Agriculture is in, the top company on the list, KTG Agrar, is involved mainly in agricultural products.

  1. KTG Agrar
  2. VectorInformatik
  3. LPFK Laser & Electronics
  5. Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle
  6. RIB Software
  8. BHS Sonthofen
  9. Murrelektronik

Their ranking was actually for Top 100 Medium Sized companies in Germany and others that made the list include:

  • Arnold & Richter Cine Technik, (Arri) – camera makers. Have won several Oscars in the US in the “Best film and Best Camera”. Best known show that uses the camera is CSI and also the “Game of thrones”.
  • Ponath – meat products
  • Leica – camera manufacturers. Position 17.

Location was also everything for the ranking. Seems majority of the successful medium sized companies in Germany are in Bayern and Baden Württemberg, among the top 100, 48 were from these two federal states. Only 3 Eastern were represented in the top 100, namely Berlin, Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt, each represented by 2 companies.

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