3 German and Only One African Airlines Make it to the Safest in the World

steward in flight

A new study has created a list of the safest Airlines in the world. Three German Airlines made it to the list but only one African Airline got on the list. I think this is a challenge to the airlines that didn’t make it to the list to improve especially on their safety measures. It’s impossible to go back in time and erase deaths that might have already happened but all can improve and make sure no other accidents occur, especially fatal ones.

Hint hint to Nigeria where the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, recently said that “Accidents are acts of God”…oya, implement laws and have all airlines tow the line…..acts of God….na lie.

I think African Airlines especially should up their game. There are 7 continents with 6 of them being home to numerous Airlines. Simple math would dictate that each continent at least contributes 8 and the very best having 10 or 9. But now out of 50, only one is African…..eeiiii African Airlines, pull up your socks…please.

Safest Airlines in the World

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