When You Misplace Your Smart Phone


A colleague recently had their smart phone stolen walk away from their desk during lunch. When he came back from lunch, the phone had “walked away” from where he had left it. Luckily for him, when he reported to the police, they were able to track down the phone and locate where it had gone visiting. So what do you do when your smart phone walks away.

Before your phone is stolen

Download an app that allows to track the phone, or any other “Anti-thieves” apps. The iPhone already has the “Find your Phone” feature installed. It would also help to activate these apps. I know sometimes you are advised to deactivate them to save on battery life but that beats the purpose of having them in the first place.

When your phone is stolen

Track the phone with the app

Use the installed app to track the phone, the tracking can be done either on the app website or in iTunes for the iPhone. Some apps work even when the phone has been switched off while others only work when the phone is on. Some apps will go as far as email you when the sim card is changed or a picture of the thief finder who tries to unlock the phone.

Go to the police

Immediately you notice your phone has disappeared, you should report it to the police and if you have an app installed. You could use it to help the police to track it. The colleague used the tracking software to find the phone, to make sure his safety was guaranteed he went with the police.

Lock your sim card

Especially if you’re on a post paid tariff it would save you a heart attack just in case the thief decides to make calls. Here’s where to lock your sim card for the different subscribers. If you have a phone from the sub-subscribers, always lock from the main one e.g. Tchibo is under O2 while Simyo or Aldi talk are under Base (E-Plus).

Base (E-plus)


Glowing Boobs

On a lighter note, enjoy this story from My Dear Doris when he had his phone stolen“cuddled” by a thief good samaritan at a barbershop in Nairobi. The blog has some very funny stories, you can pass by and just have your ribs ache:

I am from the barber’s shop… Not my normal shop though… The guy who does my hair moved to a different shop so I went to check it out! Be advised that it is really cold in Nairobi now… Places like Madaraka and Spring Valley are recording temperatures of up to -7˙ Its crazy I tell you… So you have probably asked yourself why I am cutting my hair with these temperatures… Well… Being single is a tricky affair… Alexander Muge always says, “Ka wiyi ogar CBD kae to inindo kendi!” WHich means, “With shaggy hair you will sleep alone in Nairobi!”

So I am at the barber shop and this guy is wrapping me with towels and cloth… I have never trusted these towels… I am always uneasy! This is how people get AIDS you know… From sharing towels!

The jacket I am wearing is by London Vivienne Westwood; It is now hung precariously on an uneven hunger on the wall. This stung… My pocket square is by Mr. Porter and was 55 quid, but this information is irrelevant.

I place my Galaxy S4 on the dressing table next to my glasses and tie because it was very uncomfortable in my pocket… Then like most men… I shut my eyes!

Oga you de have to pay attention to this ohhhh…

After the guy is done I look at myself in the mirror to affirm his work then he leads me to a different room where my head is washed…

“Utatatoa hio sasa…” The barber says pointing at my bluetooth earpiece which kept on telling me that the connection to my phone is low… “Bluetooth connection weak… Bluetooth connection weak…!” It does that when I am away from  my phone…

I ignore this and take it off… I hold it in my hands!

The water is steaming hot! Felt like this guy was out to skin my head…

Then my bluetooth earpiece went off, “bluetooth connection lost!” This happens when I succeed the six metre radius away from my phone… WHICH I HADN’T… and I was not moving… So the only logical occurrence was…. MY PHONE WAS MOVING AWAY FROM ME!

I ignored this for a few seconds until I couldn’t stomach the fact  that someone was SKWALEING with my phone… I got up from my seat without warning and went to the room where I left my phone…

MY S4 WAS NOT WHERE I LEFT IT!!!! My balls were in my stomach!

“MTU AMENIIBIA SIMU!” I shouted… The barber came running!

“Uliiwacha wapi?” The idiot asks… LIKE HE DID NOT SEE IT! My breathing is un-even with the situation at hand… I want to kill somebody! I order everyone in the salon to stay still as I check… The bluetooth earpiece is silent in my ear… WHich means – SHIT CRAY!

I am panicking, searching women’s bags and and pockets! It is a huge phone… It is a bit hard to hide…

I search 3 out of 4 women and nothing! I pray to God it is the fourth woman!


“Bluetooth connection succeeded!” my earpiece alerts me!


I quickly double tap on the button on my earpiece! This redials the last number on my call log on my phone…

randy-wed-awesome-21IT IS RINGING!!!


My ears are peeled…

“Hello Omera!” It is Alexander Muge!!!

Everyone in the room is looking at me like I am nuts!!!

I switch off my earpiece so I can hear Alexander’s voice from the phone…

“Omera en an’go!” (You guy, what is it!) Alexander shouts… “Hello!?” he adds…

Thats when I notice a flashing light from one of the women’s boobs…

“Ian Arunga?” her boobs were talking to me!!!

I walked towards her slowly…

When I get to her, she reaches for her bra and yanks out my S4!!

“Pole!” she says as she handed me the phone…

“Pole kendo?!” (Sorry again?*) Alexander is still on the line confused!! I hung up!

I had nothing to say… In my head I wanted to throw this woman off the building… Everyone was looking at her in shock…

I put the phone in my pocket and I go back to the room where my head/hair was being washed! The barber continues his work… Nothing is said!

Then a text from Alexander Muge comes in, “An Odhiambo Alexander in’gado na simu!?” (I, Odhiambo Alexander, you hang up on me!?*)

Novemba 19, 2013 at 6:43 asubuhi

Several weeks ago, after finishing the grueling 21KM StanChart Marathon, some wise-ass with slippery fingers decided to help himself/herself to my S3. Furious? Yes I was!! Yet I decided to accept the loss, purchase another phone and move on.

No sooner had I purchased another phone, another clown has decided to make away with it. But enough is enough. This time I had taken precautions. So immediately my SIM Card was replaced with another, I got an SMS alerting me of the new IMEI.

IMEI New Sim Card, Stolen Phone

Carried out a reverse look-up and voila…got the corresponding telephone number. Sent MPESA to the number and….

Name: Anthony Onduko

Mobile: +254707741461

Reverse Look-up Culprit 1

Facebook: Ondieki Anthony

Friends: 526

Being the reasonable man that I am, I asked some convincing individuals to give Mr. Onduko a call and tell him I want my property back. Turns out he works at a mobile repair stall and keeps himself busy by formatting STOLEN phones. Mr. Onduko panics and says that he was asked by a client to format the phone and that he has no idea who it belongs to. Pushed harder, he even gives the number of the person who brought him the phone. After a few minutes Mr. Onduko’s phone goes off. Still unavailable.

Sparing a few more coins on MPESA, I send the 2nd culprit some money. You wouldn’t believe:

Name: Christine Okoth

Mobile: +254722128142

Culprit 2

Facebook: Christine Okoth

Friends: 137

Ms. Okoth, I know not if you stole my phone or how it came into your possession. The fact that you switched your phone off as I was calling you makes me doubt you. The fact that you called me at midnight, insulting me and thereafter switched your phone off again makes me doubt you even more. But you are a person of interest in this matter.

Each of your Facebook friends have now been informed of your dubious characters and have been “sufficiently” inspired to hand you over to the authorities (money works wonders). My suggestion, return my property and I leave you alone. Otherwise, apart from the police who are already looking for you, I will spare some time every day to remind you that stealing from hard working individuals is distasteful and backwards.

And if you insist on engaging in crime, try not to upload your photo’s all over Facebook. I’ll help you become famous…free of charge!

Get in touch whenever you tired of running and hiding.

And to everybody else reading this. Share it with everybody you know.


Yours truly,


Formerly S3.

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