Kenyan Nigerian Baby Named Berlin from Berlin Celebrates First Birthday

BabyBerlin from Tempelhof
Baby Berlin on her birthday in Tempelhof Berlin

You might remember the saga of the Kenyan Nigerian couple who wanted to name their daughter Berlin but the Registrar for Birth in Berlin refused claiming it wasn’t possible to figure out the gender of the child from such a name. (Read the story here: Kenyan Nigerian Couple Fights to Name their Daughter.)

The little girl last weekend celebrated her first birthday. She has grown into a very beautiful and charming little girl. According to her father, her favourite pass time is playing to the smart-phone.

Baby Berlin in her mother’s arms doing what she does best, playing with the smart phone.

The family had been allowed to name their child Berlin only after they had gotten a lawyer who found a case years before where another couple had been allowed to name their child London.

Little Berlin also received a message from the current Mayor of Berlin:

Dear Berlin,

thank you for your email and for inviting the Mayor, Mr. Wowereit. I should tell you that he is grateful that you remembered him on your first birthday after he sent his wishes last year on your birth.

But because Mr Wowereit will have a lot to do on the 12th of October, he will not be able to join in your celebrations. He hopes that that will not dampen your moods for the day. Mr. Wowereit told me to send you his heartfelt wishes and to wish you good health, happiness and a wonderful second year in the city whose name you carry.

Mkenya wishes the little angel many many other birthdays, may she grow to fulfil her purpose. Happy belated Birthday girl 😉

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