Switzerland Makes their Asylum Laws Strikter


Last year September a new Asylum law was put in place in Switzerland, a few weeks ago the citizens went out to vote and 79% voted to have the laws implemented despite the church and civil rights movements being against the new laws. So what do the new laws entail, read on.

1. Applying for asylum in Switzerland will now be more efficient and very fast. The new law could see asylum applications processed and a decision issued within 100days.

2. No more applying for Asylum at Swiss Embassies abroad. Switzerland has been the only country in Europe that allows asylum seekers to apply for it at their embassies abroad, now that has been done away with.

3. Avoiding military duty, escaping the armed forces and/or desertion from country of origin no longer apply as reasons for applying for asylum not unless the punishment awaiting in the country of origin is too drastic. Especially for Eritreans who have used this as their reason for applying for asylum for many years.

4. The government will introduce refugee camps for all applicants. There are currently no such camps in Switzerland but they will be introduced this year and reviewed again in 2015.

5. Applicants will get free legal representation in order to hasten the application process.


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