Kenyan Entrepreneur Wows Berlin with Kenyan Calabashes

Wambui Mwangi Baal

Some plants can only be found in some parts of Kenya and nowhere else in the world. An interesting source if you have a market for it. This Kenyan lady has not only learnt how to exploit calabashes but understood how to suit her products to the German market.

Wambui Mwangi from Moabit in Berlin, is wowing the city with her calabash designs. Wambui who studied industrial design at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin (University of Arts) and specialized in textile and surface design; designs the products which are then carved by local artisans in Kenya.

Kalebasse Wackelfigur Schildkroete

Wambui’s passion is to promote the growth of Kenyan artisans and support them to create income generating projects whilst remaining sustainable in the rural community thus the calabashes aren’t only decorating homes in Germany but changing lives in Kenya as well. The first artisan who worked for Wambui used to live in Kibera without a reliable income, when he started to work for Wambui, he was able to return back to the village where he could carve the calabashes for Wambui Designs, and teach others how to do it. The company now employs 20 artisans thus impacting 20 families. The first artisan has moved to become the quality controller and ensures the new artisans maintain the quality required.

 Wambui mainly targets wholesale customers instead of individuals. She has showcased her products several times at trade fairs and the response has been overwhelming. Of all her products, the calabashes are the best received by her clients.  You can get yourself their products online at and in stores, for example Coeo Forum Steglitz. Ulrich Goll. 

Everything Wambui earns is put back into her fledgling business.

Kalebasse Windlicht Kerzenhalter Orange

To contact Wambui for her products, you can find her at:

Wambui S. Mwangi

Bredowstrasse 10,

10551 Berlin

+49 (0)30 48 49 39 68

+49 (0)30 48 49 39 67

Wambui born in 1969 in Kenya is a trained and renowned artist having studied in Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. She also worked for various radio stations in Berlin including the Jazz Radio and Radiohaus Berlin.
PS: If you have been to the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, you might recognise the bear below. She’s the face behind the artwork, incase you’ve been wondering.
Kenyan Embassy Bear
The bear that stands at the ground floor of the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin. The artwork was done by Wambui.
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