Registration Open for German Aptitude Test for Academic Studies (TestAS) at Kenyatta University

TestAS - Test für Ausländische Studenten Test for Academic Studies

TestAS – Test für Ausländische Studenten (Test for Academic Studies)

TestAS is a central standardised aptitude test for foreign students. TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. With good results, they can improve their chances of being admitted for studies at a German university.

The TestAS certificate is recognised by German universities who have included it in their admission regulations. The weighting of the TestAS results, however, varies depending on the university. While TestAS is compulsory for some universities or subjects, it is optional for others. Some universities do not require TestAS at all. Please inquire at the university or faculty you are applying to if TestAS is considered for admission.

You will not find the predicates “passed” or “failed” on your certificate. There is no minimum score and thus no pass mark. The German universities will use the ranking lists which are based on the test results for the selection of applicants at their own discretion.

The participation is free of charge.

Registration for the next aptitude test on 26 April 2014 at Kenyatta University now open until 17 March 2014!

Why should you register?

  • obtain admission bonuses at German universities
  • Open to all areas of studies
  • Admission Test is free only this year

Why study in Germany?

  • Choice of 400 universities and 16000 programmes
  • World Class Degree for free
  • 80% at NO tuition fees: Most federal states offer all regular programmes for free on Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level!
  • From “Accounting” and “Aeronautics” to “Wind engineering” and “World heritage”: 1000 international programmes taught in English only

How can you register?

  • Simply send your full name, mail-address and phone number to DAAD lecturer at Kenyatta University, Eva Hamann ( to receive an online registration code.

DAAD Regional Office for Africa

Contact: Eva Hamann

Phone: 00254/-20 2722660
Fax: 00254 – 20 – 340770



Registration deadline 17 March 2014
Test will be taken on 26 April 2014

You can read more about TestAS or take a sample test here: TestAS

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