Kenyan Awarded the Else Kröner Global Public Health Award

Bornice Biomndo
Bornice Biomndo holding the Certificate awarded to her for the Else Kröner Global Public Health Award.

A Kenyan student is among the 5 winners of the Else Kröner 2014 Global Public Health Award, that is awarded to the best Masters Theses on Public Health in Developing nations.

Bornice Biomndo, a former Masters Student at the Charité Universität-Berlin School of Public Health, was one of two students whose theses were ranked the best in the whole of Berlin.

Ms Biomndo’s thesis “The Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence among Women of different Socioeconomic Status in Swaziland and its association to ill-health outcomes” was chosen for its excellent dedication to the award’s theme ‘Global Public Health in developing countries – the challenges and solutions’.

The Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung is one of the largest private foundations in Germany that supports medical humanitarian projects globally by funding medical research. The goal of the Else Kröner Global Public Health Award is to encourage young people to scientifically analyse Global Public Health problems in developing nations and to formulate solutions. The award is in honor of Else Kröner, who was one of the most successful post-war entrepreneurs in Germany.

As part of the award, Ms Biomndo receives a cash price of €1000; a travel grant worth €4000 and the opportunity to visit and volunteer in any of the 40 global humanitarian projects supported by the foundation. The winner is expected to submit a report after returning from their volunteer mission.

The prize is awarded every two years.

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