Pro-Technicale Scholarship Program for Young Ladies in Engineering

African Female engineer

Application Deadline: 30th April 2014

Program Start: 1st August 2014

If you have just finished high school and are not sure what to do next… if you did well in science and want to have the best possible preparation for university and career… then PRO TECHNICALE could be just what you need.

PRO TECHNICALE offers an 11-month course for young women between high school and university. The course gives participants the chance to develop in-depth technical competencies, build up a network in the engineering field and the university sector, and to experience personal growth.

PRO TECHNICALE offers a comprehensive program, including an internship in the industry and an internship with an international company abroad, to help you prepare for university studies.

‏Engineers will give you insights into diverse and interesting high-tech fields.
‏At universities and research facilities you will get to know the academic and research worlds, a helpful step in preparing to study.

‏You come face-to-face with the fascination of engineering and technology including in the environmental field, one of the important advantages offered by the program.

‏But PRO TECHNICALE invites you to experience more than just the adventure of engineering. “Forward thinking”, critical engagement with yourself as a person, philosophical reflection and the interaction between engineering and humanities are integral aspects of the program. As part of this approach, debating and rhetorical skills are trained in small groups. A writing workshop completes the preparatory program. Interaction with your peers introduces you to the positive aspects of group learning.

We know how exciting engineering careers can be, and our goal is to share that excitement with you and to prepare you for a future in an engineering field. You will explore the fascinating fields of aerospace and renewable energies in depth. Our focus is not on pure theory, but on practical project work with likeminded people.


Application Deadline: 30th April 2014

Program Start: 1st August 2014

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Pro Technicale
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