Ausbildung: Biolaborant/in


They prepare and undertake experiments on animals, plants, mircoorganisma and celll cultures. They monitor, control and write reports on their observations and results. The ausbildung is similar to the Chemielaborant/in ausbildung, what differs is the subject matter they handle. They both take 3 and a half years to complete.

Required certificate: (Fach)-Abitur


1. Lehrjahr – 740 Euro
2. Lehrjahr – 800 Euro
3. Lehrjahr – 850 Euro
4. Lehrjahr – 900 Euro
Starting salary: 1300 – 2300 Euro (Gross)

You can compare this ausbildung to others in the duration and how much an azubi earns article. Watch the video below to see what they do.

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