Triales Studium: 1 Program, 3 Qualifications

Triales Studium

Totally fascinated by the German Ausbildung, but still want to join Uni? You’ll no longer have to choose between the two, if you pick the Triales Studium.

In the Triales model, study is designed to shorten time spend studying and bring graduates closer to the industry. Triales students get to complete an Ausbildung, a Bachelor degree and a Meisterbrief in just four and a half years instead of the usual 6 – 8 years.


At the end, graduates obtain three qualifications:

  • An Ausbildung certificate (Gesellenbrief)
  • Meisterbrief im Ausbildungsberuf
  • Bachelor degree

Triales Studium Make up

Duration of Triales Studium

Qualification Duration
Ausbildung 2 – 3 years
Meisterbrief 1 – 2 years
Bachelor-degree 3 years
Triales Studium 4.5 – 5 years

The Triales Studium at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands takes about four and a half years instead of the usual 6 – 8 years it would take if one took up each course separately. This is made possible by taking advantage of the synergies of each course. Instead of taking up some courses twice or thrice, they are then offered only once in the Triales Studium.


Structure of the Triales Studium

  • In the first two and a half years, the students take up an Ausbildung at the Fachhochschule (FH). The Ausbildung is set up like the traditional one where the student spends 2 -3 days at the company and the remaining time at the Berufschule.
  • Simultaneously, the students begin their undergraduate studies. During which the students attend lectures every Friday evening and on Saturday mornings.
  • After completing the Gesellenprüfung to complete the Ausbildung, then the student undertakes his Meister training and the subsequent Meisterprüfung.
  • Only after the successful completion of the Meister, does the student start on their Bachelor-thesis.
  • In addition to the tripartite certificate for the Ausbildung, Bachelor and Meisterbrief, the student also gets to take up an Ausbildereignungsprüfung, this basically ensures that the student is allowed to train Azubis.

Triales Studium Structure

Costs of the Triales Study

The cost of the Triales Studium differs depending on the city, in Köln for example is €400 per month, while in Hannover the cost is at around €398 per month and in Schwerin it’s at €395 per month – depending on the subject. 

These costs however only apply to the Uni. During the Ausbildung, the student continues to earn like a normal Azubi. You may also ask the company if they would be willing to pay for the University costs.

The last option is to get BaFöG during the Ausbildung and Meister-BaFöG during the Meister training.


Where to Apply for the Triales Study

Several Universities in Germany now offer the Triales model. 

  • Hochschule Niederrhein
  • Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM)
    • FHM Schwerin
    • FHM Hannover
    • FHM Köln

Courses for the Triales Study

Training disciplines that have adopted the Trailes approach include:

  • Augenoptiker
  • Bäcker
  • Dachdecker
  • Elektrotechniker
  • Friseure
  • Informationstechnik
  • Installateure und Heizungsbauer
  • Kraftfahrzeugtechniker
  • Maler und Lackierer
  • Maurer & Betonbauer
  • Metallbauer
  • Tischler
  • Zahntechniker

Admission requirements for the study triale

Students interested in the Triales Studium, should have:

  • attained an Abitur or an equivalent University entry requirement, for Kenyans KCSE,
  • an Ausbildungsvertrag  from one of the forementioned Ausbildungsberufe

Application Procedure:

Students applying for the triales studium with the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM), have a commission that reviews their applications before they are invited to an Assessment Centre where they get to solve a group task, take an English proficiency test and a competency test based on the KODE®-Verfahren.

After a successful visit to the assessment centre, then the candidate is invited to a personal interview with the University professor. Only after the successful completion of all these stages, is the applicant admitted to the program.

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