Preliminary Investigations Begin for the Kenyan Lady Stabbed 50 Times by Her Tanzanian Ex-Boyfriend

Kirama R.

The investigations for the case of Mwajuma – Ramadhani has began in Köln.

Ramadhani, a Tanzanian national, has refused to make a statement on the matter. Ramadhani also refused to visit a psychiatrist or mental health specialist to ascertain his mental well-being at the time of the incident. His lawyer, Jutta Frommhold told the Kölner Stadt Anzeige, that her client was still trying to come to terms with the incident and taking in what had occurred that fateful night. The lawyer also insisted that Ramadhani might still make a statement concerning the incident though he hadn’t done so so far.

If Ramadhani was to be declared mentally unstable or he pleaded temporary insanity, that would lessen his sentence or even see him walk away free of any charges. Remember the guy in Mombasa who did the same: German Acquitted of Murder Charges against his Kenyan wife.

Ramadhani who is the father to three of Mwajuma’s children, was found to have 2 promille alcohol in his blood on the night of the event. It is believed the incident came after an argument over financial issues. Mwajuma apparently was complaining because Ramadhani who at the lived on welfare and had no job, had become an alcoholic.

Ramadhani was arrested in November last year for stabbing his Kenyan ex-girlfriend, Mwajuma, to death. Mwajuma had seven children, three of whom were Ramadhani’s. Mwajuma met her first husband in Kenya and they moved to Germany together with the children in 2008. In 2010, the divorced and six months later, Mwajuma and Ramadhani moved in together. Sometime in 2013, the couple separated and at the time of the incident, they had already broken up and Ramadhani had moved out.

Ramadhani had four other children, two of whom still live in Africa.

Mwajuma’s children were all taken in to foster-care with the youngest who at the time was 2 months old, being taken in by a foster-family.

The trial dates have yet to be announced, but the investigations continue as they also await for Ramadhani to make a statement on his involvement in the incident.

Read more at: Kenyan Woman Stabbed to Death by Tanzanian Ex-Boyfriend.

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