Flüchtlinge asylsuchende Asylanten witzenhausen erntefest

Kenyan Among Asylum Seekers Attacked in Witzenhausen

Flüchtlinge asylsuchende Asylanten witzenhausen erntefest
Asylum seekers in Witzenhausen demonstrating, together with their supervisor, Torben Linde

During the Erntefest (Harvest Festival) in Witzenhausen last weekend, five men made racial insinuations and attacked several asylum seekers and their supervisor.

According to the supervisor, Torben Linde, he was sitting at a table with the asylum seekers when three men from the northern Hesse Großalmerode, walked in making “white power” chants and accused him of being a “traitor to his people”.

Linde and the refugees walked out of the tent in an attempt to avoid an escalation. However, the supremacists followed them out and knocked Linde out.

At the same time, a 32 year old Kenyan asylum seeker who has been living for two years in Witzenhausen, and had been left in the tent was attacked by two other men from Hann. The men kept calling him “nigger” as they strangled him.

The police who had been called in, at this time came in and were able to arrest the attackers. The police spokesman, Jörg Kunstler, confirmed that the five men are well known extremists and this wasn’t the first time they’d been arrested. He further confirmed, that all five, were highly intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Linde complained of the “utter lack of support from other guests at the the event, despite the evidently racial nature of the attack”. He however stressed that the asylum seekers in Witzenhausen were “very well integrated” and there was a “incredible support” from the people of Witzenhausen.

The spokesman of Werra-Meißner-Kreis, Jörg Klinge, condemned the incident and made it clear that attacks of this kind would not be tolerated.

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