German Man Sentenced for Sexually Abusing His Kenyan and Ugandan Girlfriends

Pregnant Woman on Black Isolated Background

A 41 year old man from Hegau was in court this week for abusing two African women, a 25 year old Ugandan and a 34 year old Kenyan.

The man admitted in court to having raped the Ugandan lady twice in his apartment in Hegau. He told the court that he regretted his actions and apologised to the lady. He also accepted paternity of the young girl the Ugandan gave birth to.

According to the Ugandan lady who was a witness in the process, she had met the man on an online dating forum where he promised to marry her. The lady trusting the man had left her au pair position in Vienna where she lived at the time, paid for a flight ticket and moved to Hegau, a town south of Germany next to Lake Constance, to live with the man. The expensive flight from Vienna that the man had promised to refund, he didn’t. He took her to the Standesamt once to enquire on the nuptial process, but that was the end of that discussion.

The lady told the court that the man treated her like a slave. She claimed he took away her passport, locked her in his apartment and forbade her from making calls to her family. She described the man as a pathologically jealous man. Once during her weekend visits to him, he forbad her from taking walks alone. Blinded by love at the time, she didn’t think much of it.

After she had moved to his place, she found out that he was also chatting with a Kenyan lady and had promised to marry her as well. When she tried to get an explanation from him, he raped her. He tied her arms to the bed and raped her twice despite the fact that she was pregnant at the time.  “If you do not sleep with me, you get nothing to eat and can not sleep in my bed,” the accused allegedly threatened her.

On discovering the man’s other relationship, she wanted to leave him. Not sure where to turn for help at the time because of her illegal residence status in Germany, she called the women’s shelter (Frauenhaus) who referred her to the police. On calling the police, they referred her back to the women’s shelter (Frauenhaus). Exhausted from the pregnancy and the back and forth, she returned to the man’s apartment.

Then she started bleeding but no gynaecologist would treat her for lack of health insurance. Out of desperation, she called an ambulance who took her to hospital. During her stay at the hospital, she was advised that rape was a crime in Germany and she could sue her boyfriend.

The Kenyan lady also accused the man of sexual abuse that resulted in bodily harm, however that process has been put on hold after the public prosector requested for more evidence.

The judge sentenced the man to 2 years on probation and 100 hours of community service. The public prosecutor found the sentence too mild and has requested for an appeal, in which he also plans to add the Kenyan’s case.

Worth noting is that German law already states that anyone accused of rape should get at least 1 year imprisonment before going into details. This guy here: is being accused of multiple rape; forced imprisonment; fraud and theft. Then he gets a charge less than a person who is accused of ONLY a single rape.

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