Kenyan Deported To Avoid Serving Sentence for Attempted Murder

Jefeth W. Berlin Lichtenberg
An image of Jefeth on the night of the attack

A young Kenyan man has been deported to Kenya instead of remaining in Germany to serve his sentence for attempted murder.

In February 2011, the young Kenyan man identified as Jefeth W. together with 3 other friends were hanging out around the U-Bahnhof Lichtenberg  in Berlin. The 3 friends included 3 young men from Kosovo (17 year old), Iraq (17 year old) and another from Bosnia (15 year old). At around 11:30pm, the 30 year old painter and a friend walked to the station to catch a train home. Jefeth and his friends attacked the two men. The painter’s friend was able to run away but the painter wasn’t as lucky. Jefeth and his friends beat him to a pulp and left him for dead after stealing his wallet that had 3 euros and his cell phone.

The unconscious painter was found lying on the platform by passers-by who called the police and an ambulance to the scene. The victim survived the incident but was in a coma for 4 months after the incident.

The police were able to identify the young men using CCTV footage (see it below). The young men had been arrested before or had been in touch with the police before the incident thus making it easier for the police to locate them.

According to witnesses who testified in court, the young men were out to attack any German they met that night. Apparently the young men called the painter and his friend “F**** Nazis” and shouted “We hate Germans” before they started beating the painter.

Jefeth’s girlfriend at the time testified in court that Jefeth had been very proud of the attack and had been boasting about it before he was arrested.

During the court process, Jefeth was identified as the main culprit and the mastermind of the incident. In December 2011, at only 17 years of age, Jefeth was sentenced to 6 years juvenile detention for 2 accounts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and insulting the victim. The Bosnian got 4years, the German-Iraqi got 5 and half years and the last man from Kosovo got 4 years and 9 months.

Now at 20 years old, the Berliner Zeitung reports that Jefeth was returned to Kenya this Wednesday after the Ausländerbehörde got him deported. Jefeth came to Germany in 2002 with his mother and had lived in Berlin since.

“He has been released and taken home (to Kenya)”, Jefeth’s mother, Salome S. confirmed the deportation.

According to the officials in Berlin, Jefeth will face “no further persecution” in Kenya.

“Jefeth is excited, he expects his stay in Kenya to be a great break, almost like a vacation”, one of Jefeth’s cell mates told the papers.

According to Die Welt, if Jefeth tries to return to Germany within the next 20 years, he’ll have to return to prison to serve his sentence first before being allowed to live freely in Germany.



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