Job Rules that most people have Broken


Although most of these are not allowed at the work place, an employee cannot be fired based on one incident. Breaking these regulations may earn you a warning letter and of course three warning letters subsequently allow for a dismissal.

1. Having private mails and parcels delivered to the office address

Most deliveries are done during working hours meaning most times you’re not home when they are delivered and when you get home from work, the post office is already closed for the day. Although this sounds like a reasonable excuse to have your private mails and parcels delivered to the office, it’s not allowed. You waste company time when you take time to order and get deliveries at work.


2. Making private calls on the work phone

This also applies to checking your Facebook and private emails at work. The employer has to explicitly give you permission to do this, and even then, it’s only allowed during breaks.


3. Using office stationery for private use. Printing private documents and carrying pens from the office.

So instead of buying pens, papers and even a printer, you decide to get them from the office for your private use. This equates to theft. It also includes those who decide not to eat waiting for remnants from office meetings etc.


4. Extending breaks to run private errands

Although you are free to do as you please during your lunch break, you’re not allowed to extend it for private reasons.


5. Bringing kids to the office

Most children are fascinated by what their parents do and would love to spend a day at their parent’s office, playing on the computer and printing their hands and feet. (Check number 2). The Employer has to agree to the child(ren) coming to the office, they may also disagree.


6. Bringing pets to the office

Pets and children shouldn’t be in the office without the employer’s explicit approval, and the employer holds the right to change their mind on the matter.


7. Having excess overtime

You’d think this is good, but apparently if you over do it, the employer may send you home to cool off your overtime heels.


8. Talking about work at home

If a confidentiality clause was included in the contract, the employee may not share details about work with friends and family. The employer may demand for the employee to sign an extra confidentiality agreement that categorically mentions friends and family.


9. Using the work car, cell phone and laptop for private use

You’re lucky if your employer hasn’t noticed, as you can get away with it but if it is explicitly forbidden then you have no wiggle room.


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