Do Migrant Adolescents in Germany Commit More Crimes than German Ones?

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I already have a problem with the basis of the study, but hey, moving on swiftly.

Most people in Germany do believe that there is a direct relation between criminality and the original of a child or their parents. Well the Uni Münster has released a study titled, Migration and juvenile delinquency, that shows there is no real relation.

According to Dr. Christian Walburg, a forensic scientist at the University of Münster who investigated numerous cases for the study, since 1971 when more migrants started moving into Germany, the number of murders and criminal activities have reduced by 30% while the diversity within the communities in Germany has increased.

Dr. Walburg warned against stigmatising a whole group based on a lie. Some of the findings of the study are:

  • It’s not possible to determine which group of adolescents (migrant or German) are more willing to engage in crime
  • Youths from migrant family are subjected to an “increased criminalization risk” because in contentious situations charges tend to be pressed against them more often than their German counterparts.
  • Whether the courts and judges treat them differently couldn’t be confirmed. However, adolescents from migrant families tend to be taken into police custody faster than German ones.
  • Fewer young foreigners have been arrested for criminal offences in the past few years. A significant decrease is observed especially in the cases of violent crimes. This is also applies to German youth. However, the number of officially registered young immigrants has not reduced.
  • Although most studies reported that more people with an migrant background engaged in violent offenses and that a majority of repeat offenders were from immigrant families. Recent studies, however, indicate that the trend is reducing with each new generation of immigrants.
  • An association between violence and a certain ethnic or religious affiliation cannot and has not be proven by any study.
  • Adolescents with an immigrant background have “less risky recreational behaviors” and usually due to religious reasons, have a “less intensive consumption of alcohol”.
  • Promoting education of young people from migrant families is an essential key to reducing delinquency. The more integrated they are into the education system, the more violent behavior loses its appeal.
  • When looking at the media coverage, it can be seen that immigrants are more often covered only in a negative context (for having committed crimes, serious acts of violence). And the more such reports are seen, the stronger the crime participation of foreigners is overrated.

This comes after several Americans took to twitter to share stories using the hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite and #AliveWhileBlack, that exposed how different the judicial system treated white and from black Americans.

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