Last Minute Ausbildung Recruitment Events Around Germany

Azubi Speed Dating

This year not only are there record numbers of refugees coming into Germany, but it’s also the first time that the number of Ausbildung positions way outnumber the number of applicants. This has led many companies to continue recruiting new Azubis long after the usual start date of 1st August and 1st September has passed.

If you’re still looking for an Ausbildung here are some events you can check out.



Azubi Speed Dating am Mannheim Bahnhof
Date: Friday, 25th September
Time: 9:30am till 5pm (09:30 bis 17Uhr)
Venue: Ladenpassage in Mannheim Train Station


Nacht der Ausbildung Mannheim
Date: Friday, 25th September
Time: 2-5pm at BIZ Mannheim (Quadrat M3a)
5-11pm catch the shuttle bus to all the big companies offering Ausbildung in the Rhein-Neckar region
More info:



Schleswiger Lehrstellenrallye
Date: Friday, 25th September
Time: 1 till 4:30pm (13 bis 16:30 Uhr)
Venue: Nord-Ostsee-Sparkasse, Stadtweg 18,
More info: Schleswiger Lehrstellenrallye



Azubi Speed Dating in Nürnberg
Date: Saturday, 26th September
Time: 9am till 1pm (9 bis 13:00Uhr)
Venue: Markgrafensaal in Schwabach
More info: Azubi Speed Dating Nürnberg



Azubi Speed Dating
Date: Tuesday, 27th October
Time: 10am till 2pm (10 bis 14Uhr)
Venue: Aula des Hellweg Berufskollegs Unna, Platanenallee 18, 59425 Unna



Azubi Speed Dating
Date: Thursday, 29th October
Time: 10am till 2pm (10 bis 14Uhr)
Venue: Mercedes Benz Niederlassung Dortmund, Wittekindstr. 99, 44139 Dortmund



Azubi Speed Dating
Date: Tuesday, 3rd November
Time: 10am till 2pm (10 bis 14Uhr)
Venue: Friedensschule Hamm, Marker Allee 20, 59063 Hamm



In Cologne there is no event so far, but there is an Azubi Hotline to sort out your last minute questions:

0221 1640 841



This event mainly aims the youngsters with a migration background. Get free advice on choosing the correct profession, as well as how to apply for Ausbildung and find which of the open positions would suit you.

Date: Friday, 4th September
Time: 6pm till Midnight (18 bis 24 Uhr)
Venue: Zentrum für Türkeistudien und Integrationsforschung (ZfTI)
Altendorfer Str. 3,
45127 Essen

For more info:
Cem Sentürk, Tel.: 0201/31 98-106,
Annika Kretschmann Tel.: 0201/31 98-107,



Find out all the open positions in Gera.

4. Geraer Ausbildungsbörse
Date: Saturday, 5th September
Time: 9:30am till 3:30pm (09:30 bis 15:30Uhr)
Venue: Kultur- und Kongresszentrum
Schlossstrasse 1,
07545 Gera



Last minute speed dating in Ratingen organised by the IHK in Düsseldorf. There will also be some Duales Stadium positions open.

Azubi Speed Dating Ratingen
Date: Monday, 1st September
Time: 10am till 1pm (10 bis 13Uhr)
Venue: Dumeklemmer Halle,
Schützenstr. 1,
40878 Ratingen, Germany


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