Kenyan Teenager Arrested At the Carnival Parade in Merdingen

Fastnachtsumzug Carnival parade
A file photo from the Bodenheim carnival parade in 2012

A Kenyan teenager was on Sunday arrested for causing chaos at the carnival parade in Merdingen.

The traditional carnival parade (Fastnachtsumzug) in Merdingen took place on Sunday, but although the event was successful and very colourful, there were a few incidents with the intoxicated attendants.

An 18 year old Kenyan was taken into police custody for being aggressive while under the influence of alcohol. The young man who was drunk at the event, couldn’t comprehensively inform the police about himself. The police then decided to search him, only to find a court order that banned the young man from appearing in public while drunk. A security arrest warrant (Sicherungshaftbefehl) had also been issued against the young man and he was currently out on probation.

The young man was later arrested and taken to the police station in Breisach.

At the same event a 15 year old German was also arrested for being drunk. He was taken to the police station in Breisach to wait for his father, who was in Basel at the time, to come and pick him up. He was later picked up by his father and they went home.

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