Factors That Influence Your Income

Applying for Jobs in Germany

According to the income report 2013 that was released by the Magazin, it seems salaries in Germany have many more influencing factors than what most of us thought, here are some of the factors mentioned in the report.

1. Your Profession

Doctors (€92,500), Lawyers and Economists (€67.500) have the highest incomes in Germany. With those studying social studies earning €47.500

2. Your Gender

Men earn atleast €20,000 more than their female counterparts.


Employees (Managers €77,500; Personnel €57,500) in the private sector earned much more than civil servants (€47,500).

4. Location

Those working in Southern Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, Rhein-Main Areas) earn €62,500 which is €5,000 more than what those in Hamburg earn and €15,000 more than the Berliners.

5. Degree level

Managers with a doctorate (€112,500) earn more than those with only a masters (€97,500).

6. How many times you’ve changed employers

A manager who’s never changed companies tends to earn a bit less than those who have, €87.500, one who has changed only once earns €97.500  while the one who has changed between 2 and four times earns €102.500. Changing too many times is not an advantage either, those that have changed between 5-7 times earn €97.500 Euro, and 9-12times earns € 77.500.

7. Intercultural Exchange (Living Abroad)

Employees who’ve lived and worked in other cultures other than their own tend to have higher salaries. A manager who has never worked abroad earns €82.500, living abroad for upto 3months gets your salary at €97.500; 4-12months gives you €107.500 Euro. Upto 11yrs abroad earns you €132.500

It’s worth noting that all these factors also depend on the individual and a whole other list of factors like how many foreign languages you can speak; the HR Manager’s mood during the salary discussions; your grades etc.

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