Young Migrant Women Should Expand Their Ausbildung Horizon

Foreigners in Germany

Young women with a migration background have higher academic expectations and have better grades than young men with a migration background but their chances of proceeding and achieving training e.g. Ausbildung are much lower than for any other groups in the German schools. This can be blamed on their preference on only a select few Ausbildungen.

Young migrant women only apply for very few Ausbildungen which also reduces their chances in succeeding. The report also found out that young migrant women have lower chances of getting an Ausbildung despite good grades due to their focus on only a few Ausbildungen.

The report used information collected at the Girls’ Day-Mädchen-Zukunftstag where young girls both German and non-German were asked about their career plans.

Young women with a migration background have a tendency to apply for the top 5 Ausbildungen which have low pay and very few chances of promotion. More than 50% of the young women with a migration background applied for only 5 Ausbildungen namely:

  • Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte 13.3%
  • Friseurin 10.7%
  • Medizinische Fachangestellte 10.1%
  • Verkäuferin 8.5%
  • Kauffrau im Einzelhandel 7.6%

Favourite Ausbildungen in Germany

At the event, the girls were asked which professions they would like to work in

  • Sozial-erzieherische Berufe
  • Büroberufe und kaufmännische Berufe
  • Medizin und Pflege
  • technisch- naturwissenschaftliche Berufe
  • Verkauf und Einzelhandel

Professions where most would like to work in

It was also shown that many chose professions based on the income.

Reasons for choosing an Ausbildung

Very few girls could imagine themselves working in MINT professions.

Berufsvorstellung nach bereich

Age also played a huge role in the kind of Ausbildungen these young girls prefer.

Favourite Professions depending on age


Children in different schools also had different views on which Ausbildung to take up.

Favourite Professions Hauptschule


Favourite Ausbildungen Realschule

Favourite Ausbildung Gymnasium

You can read the whole report here: Wunsch und Wirklichkeit – Berufsfindung von Mädchen mit Migrationshintergrund

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