Ukoloni Mambo Leo – How Diaspora Kenyans Misuse Fellow Kenyans Without Papers

Modern Day Slavery

Sometimes when I hear about the things some Kenyans do, I actually wonder if we come from the same country but then again when we have people who have caused more than five thousand deaths since they joined politics aiming to lead the country then I realize these mad people aren’t in such bad company.

This au pair recently arrived from Kenya and as always her medical tests weren’t watertight. Apparently this girl had undergone a traumatizing experience back home, one of her uncles had been molesting her since she was a child and her becoming an au pair was her escape route. But unlike the kawaida case where those molested “get over it”, this one is just terrible. This girl on landing in Germany went mental, and had to be admitted to hospital. And this is where the drama began.

Lucky for her the agent that brought her lives in Germany and was able to organize for people to help the girl. The host family refused to have the girl stay in their home, which I understand it’s not settling to leave your children with someone who is mentally unstable, you are never sure what they would do to themselves or even to the kids. But the family was understanding enough to  allow the girl’s visa as an au pair to be processed under their name as long as the girl didn’t have to stay with them.

The agent organized for someone to help the girl which was ok. Haya here comes the kichwa maji who pretends to also want to help. So the guy who was asked to help by the agent let’s call him Msamaria allows the kimbelembele, we call him Kalulu, to pick the girl from hospital. After picking the girl from hospital Kalulu comes and tells Msamaria that he (Kalulu) will house the girl.

So Kalulu tells his fellow fool friend Kichwa Maji of his philanthropic acts.  Kalulu after picking the girl, takes her to Kichwa Maji’s house. And according to their tiny brains hatch a plan to “molest” this girl. Kichwa Maji in all his infinite foolishness tells the girl that he is responsible for her visa but she will only get the visa if she agrees to be “his mistress”. Mind you these two fools are married men with kids.

When Kalulu tried to get his game going, the girl panicked and relapsed back into her unstable state. When the girl thinks she will go back to Kenya, her condition worsens. Now the two fools are stuck not knowing what to do, as the girl isn’t up for the games they had planned but her condition requires that they spend more time taking care of her which isn’t something they are willing to do because for them they don’t gain anything from it.

Eventually, Kalulu called Msamaria for help and the girl was taken in by another family. Now she awaits her visa to be changed as she can’t be an au pair anymore, and the au pair visa is only valid for a year. The AB might be willing to convert her visa to a humanitarian one but that is yet to happen.

Luckily this story ended well, in most cases such stories don’t end well. If you are in Germany and have no valid papers, don’t go telling anyone and everyone you meet, even if they are Kenyan, you never know what their intentions toward you are. Remember the Lady that sold a Kenyan au pair to some thugs and the au pair was molested? (Read: Be ware of Mitfahr; Victim of Mitfahr Speaks out) Imagine if this au pair had been in Germany illegally and the friend that sold her knew, not only would she have sold her off for a few euros, she’d have even enslaved her. There have been too many cases of Kenyans being deported based on info supplied to the police by their fellow Kenyans.There are many au pairs here looking for advice and sometimes they end up in the wrong hands.

In Frankfurt there are several girls, on having their visas run out, are put in brothels by their Kenyan “friends”. A few years ago, a Kenyan au pair around Frankfurt met these well meaning friends who adviced her to run away from the host family and instead enjoy life in majuu. The girl thinking the friends were helping, hatched a plan and ran away but because she knew no one she went to the “friends”. The host family and the police in the dorf were looking for her everywhere, her story was in every news paper. The “friends” as usual, now told her that life in Germany was not a bed of roses and she had to “Jitafutia” (cater for her own needs). First stop, they took her to a “brothel” (not a legal one, one of those homemade ones). Now the girl had to hatch a new plan and escape from the friends. Eventually, she did escape, went to the police and asked the police to return her to Kenya.

Just because you’re Kenyan doesn’t mean all your friends have to be Kenyan and not all Kenyans have to be your friends. Even in Kenya not all Kenyans were your friends, so why be bossom buddies with every Kenyan you meet here? Also not everyone running around poking their nose in your business is doing it to help, some are looking for gossip, others are looking for fame and others are just thanking God it’s not them in that situation. Be careful who you share your legal status with, it might not be that rosy.

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