21 Things you Shouldn’t do When you Don’t have a Valid Visa


This has to be the most serious yet funniest advice you’ll ever get on such a serious topic. Check out the video and let me know what you think below…..

  1. You Shouldn’t Drive, use public transport
  2. Don’t apply for a job at the airport. That could be the day you get yourself deported
  3. Don’t fight in public.
  4. Don’t hang out with stupid friends, cause stupid friends do stupid things and stupid things bring the police. Police bring immigration. Immigration brings deportation
  5. Don’t steal.
  6. Stay away from drugs, don’t use drugs, don’t sell drugs. Stay away from drugs.
  7. Don’t do 419. (Online scams)
  8. Don’t file for taxes.
  9. Don’t talk nonsense to the bus driver, remember you’re only supposed to use  public transport. The bus driver is your friend.
  10. Don’t have sex in public.
  11. Don’t drive taxis.
  12. Don’t run when you see anyone who looks like migration. Not everyone wearing a suit is an immigration official.
  13. Don’t bring attention to your not having papers.
  14. Don’t drink in public.
  15. Don’t drink and drive. Remember you’re not supposed to be driving in the first place.
  16. Don’t live in a community where you stand out. Don’t be the only black person.
  17. Don’t wear prada and expensive clothes. Don’t waste money on expensive clothes when you don’t have papers.
  18. Don’t gossip, the people you gossip are the same ones who will call the immigration officials on you.
  19. Don’t walk around telling everyone you have no papers.
  20. Don’t try and rent an apartment in your name
  21. Don’t walk around with unnecessary documents. Don’t walk around with somebody else’s documents

WARNING: Profane Language used in the video!!!!

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